Six Heavy Toxins that we consume on a daily Basis

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  This are only 6 of the many dangerous toxins that we consume every day:

            Bisphenol A

The main ingredient of the plastic bottles, and also used for coating the interior of cans.

        Consequences: The body acts like the hormone estrogen, and encourages early entry into puberty. It can cause problems with fertility and complicate the work of the heart.

How to protect yourself: Avoid canned food, and if we have to use it as soon as you open the can, transfer it into a ceramic bowl. If you use plastic bottles, use those with Tag BPA free. Given that this poison can have and containers for ice, if you drink a drink with a few ice cubes do not drink it to the end and do not eat the ice.


       Located in capsules, pills and plastic bags, up to cosmetics and some gels. To the bags it improves elasticity, and in cosmetics provides beautiful fragrance and longer expiration date.

       Harmful effects: disrupt hormonal balance in the body, especially disrupt the secretion of testosterone.

        How to protect yourself: Avoid products with artificial fragrances, cosmetics that say that there are phthalates and try to keep the food in glass and ceramic containers instead of plastic.


       Studies show that most perchlorates have eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables.

      Harmful effects: affect the operation of the thyroid gland which manages all the hormones in the body and makes it difficult to use the iodine.

       How to protect yourself: It is always good to know the origin of the food you eat, but if it is impossible, at least focus to expand the menu with foods rich in iodine such as seafood.


          The biggest pollutant that can be found even in the water.

        Harmful effects: Like all heavy metals, lead is very difficult to clean from the body. It can cause an increase in the stress hormone, cortisol, and to settle in the foot and cause problems with motor skills and circulation.

       How to protect yourself: Try to eat organic food and drink filtered water. Do not use water from the potable water heater.


       Mercury is a byproduct of heavy industry which can be found in many fish and shellfish.

      Harmful effects: Large amounts of mercury in the body can disrupt the menstrual cycle and ovulation. Plus, it damages the cells of the pancreas that regulates the level of sugar in the blood.

        How to protect yourself: Do not avoid fish and seafood, but chose smaller fish. Smaller fish reduces our ability to absorb this metal.

         Perfluorinated chemicals

        Used in the production of containers with non-stick floor. For example, are found in pizza cartons or packages of microwave popcorn.

      Harmful effects: Also these chemicals affect the operation of the thyroid gland, and with it all the hormones in the body. Several studies found that it may negatively affect fertility in both sexes.

       How to protect yourself: Read the statements and rarely use containers with non-stick floor. In no case do not rub and scratch. Go for pottery.

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