Clean your face from acne and black spots with natural egg mask!

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Forget black spots and acne with a simple mask, for which preparation you need only a fresh egg.

Youth and adults dream of smooth and clear skin. People use thousands of cosmetic products to remove acne and spots. We will help you in the battle, presenting you a light mask, which has a powerful impact and costs almost nothing.

Black dots – or blackheads

No man has black spots on his face. This is a problem which concerns not only teenagers, but also adults. Comedones (The black spots) are concentrated in the appearance on the chin, nose and forehead. Forcibly separating the fat secretion stimulates their appearance. When you remove a black dot you will see that next to it comes a very little mucus red pic. Many people fight with them on this way, but this method is not recommended because the risk of leaving visible scars.

Why acne is black?

Most people think that the black color comes from impurities by improper hygiene, dirty face. This however is not true, the color comes from the oxidized solids and air cells of the epidermis.


In many cases, acne is most pronounced among teenagers during puberty. Youth buds stuck to open the sebaceous glands and they form buds. Buds have pus peaks that immediately present a temptation for us to remove them. Usually acne appears on the face, but it can also appear on the back or chest.


Factors that influence positively on the development of acne are increased bacterial growth, increased secretion, clogged pores and inflammation.

Effect of home mask against blackheads and acne

On the market there are thousands of products that are sold to clean blackheads and acne. Their price is also quite diverse, but why should we give money, when an egg can give us complete a very good result. Mask made of egg, will not only remove acne and black spots, but will take care of hydration. The preparation is easy, requires no special skills.

Here is the recipe for an egg mask against black spots and acne

Take a fresh chicken egg. Break it and separate the egg’s yolk and white. Clean your face in advance and then gently moisten it with the white, beware of eyes. You need to take a napkin and make holes for the eyes and mouth. Stick it on your face. Leave it for half an hour. Then remove it carefully. By the time, the napkin is probably dry and the removal of the mask will be easy. Wash your face with warm water. Then put the yolk on your face and leave it to act, but this time for only 10 minutes. Again wash your face with warm water and wipe. Do this procedure once a week. It is not recommended for people with very sensitive skin.

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