Relive the symptoms of menopause with natural herbs

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Typically around the age of 50, a variety of physiological changes and symptoms of menopause occur that can have a profound impact on their lives. Menopause is a term that refers to the end of menstruation, the result of the natural decline in the hormones (estrogen, progesterone and others) produced in the ovaries.

As hormone levels decrease, a number of symptoms of menopause may emerge, although their presentation and severity varies greatly from woman to woman. The most common menopause symptoms are hot flashes, depression, insomnia, vaginal dryness, irritability, mood swings and headaches.

Different herbs for menopause symptoms relief have sprung up from different parts of the globe. Extensive studies have found out that soy is by far the most widely know natural remedy for menopausal symptoms. However, there are numerous herbs for menopause treatment available today.

 Some of these are:

 Black Cohosh

This is traditionally called the menopause herb which acts on the uterus to lessen the incidences of cramping, muscle pains, hot flashes, memory loss, and mood swings. It is also said to decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Chaste Tree and Chasteberry

These are commonly known as the herbs for menopause hormonal smoothening. These are said to balance the hormones and reduce the risks of depression during menopause.

Soy foods

The isoflavones in soy foods help balance hormone levels and have some estrogenic activity. There is ongoing research about the safety and efficacy of isolated soy isoflavone supplements. While the initial results look promising, we currently recommend using natural soy foods rather than supplements. Choose from tofu, soy milk, roasted soy nuts or tempeh.


This particular herb has many other medicinal properties aside from being an effective treatment for menopausal hot flashes and night sweats.

 Flax seed

Substances called lignins in flaxseed are important modulators of hormone metabolism. Grind flaxseed daily in a coffee grinder at home and use 1 to 2 tablespoons a day.

 Dong Quai

This hRelive the symptoms of menopause with natural herbserb is popular in Chinese tradition to give relief to women with painful menstruation and other abdominal pains. It is also used as an effective treatment of anemia and as an aid in the remedy of menopausal symptoms.

Red Clover

This herb is considered as the “cure-all” for menopause symptoms since it is a major source of plant estrogens called phytoestrogens. These plant estrogens act like the female sex hormone in the body and help increase the estrogen levels as well. Wild Yam

This herb is said to be able to give relief to women suffering from menopausal arthritis. This is found out to possess anti-inflammatory properties and is effective in reducing menstrual bleeding as well.

B vitamins

This group of water-soluble vitamins may help women deal with the stress of menopausal symptoms.

 Vitamin E

A daily dose of 400 IUs of natural vitamin E (as mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols) can help alleviate symptoms of hot flashes in some menopausal women.

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