Benefits and uses for skin and hair with rosehip oil

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If you’re looking for the latest all-natural and high-powered skin care product, look no further than the addition of light and refreshing rosehip oil to your beauty routine.

As you can probably surmise, rosehip oil is derived from roses. Manufacturers press and extract the oil from wild rose bushes that grow in the southern Andes, and then add the oil to skin care products or sell it by itself. The oil is a fabulous component of your skin care routine because it is full of beauty-boosting vitamin A, vitamin C and the essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6.
It is full of natural ingredients that make the skin smooth and supple without harming you in any way. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to get from rosehip oil.
     Rosehip oil is great for dry hair

Your hair will become dry and brittle if you use chemicals on it for a long time. To save it from breaking and thinning, all you need is a little warm rosehip oil. Apply all over your hair starting from the roots, wrap it with a warm towel and then wait an hour. Shampoo and condition as usual. You will be left with soft, lustrous hair that is full of life. You can also use the same treatment if your hair is dull.

You don’t have to wait for your skin to become dry in order to use rosehip oil. You can avoid the problem altogether if you make it a part of your daily beauty routine. Get a little spray bottle and put some rosehip oil and a little water in it. Spritz yourself with this mixture every few hours and see what a difference it makes on your skin.

Pigment reduction

The vitamin C in rosehip oil reduces the appearance of dark spots, aging spots and hyper-pigmentation. Apply the oil to the affected area to see a reduction in unsightly dark spots over time.


can also be avoided (and treated if it occurs) using rosehip oil. Usually, it happens because the skin gets overheated and too dry. Before you put on your sunscreen apply a little rosehip oil on the areas of your body that will be exposed. Wait at least 20 minutes for it to seep into your skin before you apply sunscreen.

 Brittle nails are a problem for many people

If you suffer from this condition you can easily take care of it by applying a little rosehip oil on your nails twice or thrice a day they will become stronger and stop breaking.

If you suffer from dandruff

And can’t seem to get rid of it, you should apply rosehip oil to your scalp. Its moisturizing properties will stop dandruff immediately.

As you can see, rosehip oil is not just great for moisturizing your skin. It can help with many other areas of your body.

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