Breakfast Will Help You Kick Start Your Metabolism

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You’ve probably heard it all of your life – breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

After 12 hours of no eating your body goes into fasting mode which means it will cause your body to store more fat. For your body to produce the enzymes needed to metabolise fat you need to eat something to break the fast – ie breakfast.

Breakfast — typically considered the most important meal of the day — yields several health benefits, including improved concentration and increased energy. Eating a healthy breakfast also aids in weight management by helping to avert cravings and ravenous hunger before lunch. In addition, breakfast influences your metabolism, which can further promote weight loss.

Healthful Breakfast Choices
Starting your day with junk food negates many of the benefits that you gain from increasing your metabolism. By contrast, making healthful choices for breakfast can help you make healthier choices for the rest of the day. Fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, whole grains and lean meats are healthy breakfast choices. Oatmeal with banana slices, a yogurt smoothie with apple and leafy greens, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, or a ground turkey omelet are examples of healthful choices. Rushed mornings are no excuse for grabbing a sugary donut. Hardboiled eggs, chopped fruit or homemade trail mix are some of your choices for on-the-go breakfasts. If you drink coffee or tea in the morning, the caffeine will increase your metabolic rate notably for hours. Don’t add cream, sugar or other unhealthy ingredients; hiding hundreds of calories and several grams of fat in your drinks will work against weight management.

You’ve probably also been told eating breakfast will help kickstart your metabolism – helping you burn energy efficiently and avoid weight gain.

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