The Oil From the Thyme Herb is Found to Kill Over 97% of the Human Lung Cancer Cells.

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Many studies have shown that the magnificent herb thyme essential oil is a potential killer of the lung and the breast cancer cells.

This is great news for many people who are struggling with anyone of these cancer types.

The oil from the thyme herb is found to kill over 97% of the human lung cancer cells.

And don’t forget the preventative effect when you protect yourself with this oil combo.
Thyme is a native to the Mediterranean, and was originally given the name “thyme” in Greece, they still use it in their cooking mixed with olive oil. Oil from the common herb thyme was discovered to kill up to 97% of human lung cancer cells. Recent research has shown that if you mix thyme and olive oil it will enhance the availability of hydroxytyrosol, olive oil’s most potent anti-cancer compound. Could this be the reason why Greeks have about half the rate of cancer compared to the rest of USA and the Europe.

The essential oil of common thyme (Thymus vulgaris) which usually known as “oil of thyme” contains 20-54% thymol. Thymol belongs to a naturally occurring class of compounds known as “biocides”. Biocides are substances that can destroy harmful organisms.
This essential oil is also used in many others traditional medicines, because of its strong and powerful anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti-fungal properties. Celal Bayar, the famous Turkish university, made a study from wild thyme’s effects on breast cancer cell. In the end of the study, they’ve found out that the wild thyme is a very promising applicant in the novel therapeutic drugs development, for the breast cancer healing.
Simple lifestyle changes to help you win the fight:

-Eliminate refined sugars, oils and carbohydrates
-Eat more fruits and vegetables. (While a grape diet has eliminated cancer in some people, you typically want to stay away from eating a lot of fruit, as sugar feeds cancer cells.)
-Eat organic whenever possible.
-Make sure you are getting enough essential fatty acids, especially Omega 3.
-Spend some time out in the sun to get vitamin D or take supplemental D.
-Stay away from chlorinated drinking water and chlorinated water in showers.

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