AMAZING IMMUNE BOMB: This mushroom cures breast cancer, even the worst diseases

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This mushroom is very healing and her shape and colors resemble the ones of the wild turkey which originates from Turkey.Mushrooms known as Coriolus versicolor may improve your immune system significantly and even may cure breast cancer.
Mushroom Coriolus versicolor corrects immune circulations Researchers have uncovered that the body immune system enhances after eating the daily dosage.

This mushroom in lyophilised form dramatically improves the function of the immune system even to women which have reached third stadium in breast cancer.

Mushroom Coriolus versicolor corrects immune flows

Researchers have discovered that the immune system strengthens after consuming the daily dose. Also they have notice that there is no harmful side effects in women.

The results are probably the most important medical discovery for scientists since the discovery of penicillin (which was derived from mushroom Penicillium) and this information is vital for people diseases with breast cancer.

“Cancer is known for its ability to avoid immune detection”, says Paul Stamets, mycologist, scientist, head of the study.

He says that “One theory is that when patients consume our mushrooms the immune system enlarges the population of NK cells and the CD8 glycoprotein which is responsible for them, in the same time improving their ability to discover and tie for the receptors of the tumor cells which enables NK invasion. If this is true, than the usage of this healthy mushroom as addition to the therapy or prevention may help many patients and significantly increase the chances for fighting this bad disease.
This miraculous mushroom is great charger for the immune system

With the results of the study NIH the Turkish mushroom have been seriously taken into consideration as natural medicine. However, they are long before used in China and Japan. In China they are called Lun Zhi and in Japan they are known as Kavaratake.
Some of the advantages of these mushrooms are:

-Improving upper infections of the respiratory tract.
-Help in treating lung diseases.
-Eliminate infections of the urinary tract.
-Ease irritations of the digestive tract.
-Medicine for common lack of energy and fatigue.

Promising results from recent study of the Turkish mushrooms related to breast cancer are one more prove of natural treatment. The body has incredible ability to heal and balance when it is in the right environment with a little help from the nature.

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