Cancer: Curing With The Total Therapy By Rudolf Breuss

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“At 80 years of age, Rudolf Breuss has been sued by the Austrian Medical College which considered this treatment to be too simplistic and too cheap to have any results. He was acquitted when the defense lawyer, a former cancer invalid cured by Breuss’ method, presented all the lists with cancer patients’ names that had all been cured and that were living proof of the success of his therapy, “Total Cancer Treatment.

A period of 42 days with no protein assimilation is considered to be enough for a human body to absorb the tumor, time in which the patient is fed only with tea, juice and greens”:

The secret of his therapy

His method of drinking juices should be strictly done with organic ingredients.Consuming vegetables polluted with artificial ingredients and pesticides creates the completely opposite effect – instead of healing and cleaning the body, we would be polluting it and contributing to the further development of disease.

Along with everything mentioned above, patients must also geta lot of fresh air and receive bodywork and massages.

It is of the out most importance to understand that the healing process also requires that one have a positive attitude –one should avoid stress and eliminate all the bad habits that are leading to the development of the disease.

Get rid of poisons and chemicals

Breuss’s therapy is not at all as easy and simple as one might think at first blush. His method of drinking vegetable juice and tea is only a part of the complex healing approach, which is why it is called “Total therapy.” To get the level of healing by drinking juice, all of Breuss’s instructions must be followed exactly and to the letter, which means that you have to get to the very root and initial cause of the disease.
Fasting against cancer

According to Breuss, cancer is created inside the body and uses proteins from solid food to grow.Thus, it can be destroyed by fasting and using juices from organic vegetables. Due to the absence of dietary protein, the body will start taking protein from the tumor itself, which will ultimately lead to its final destruction. For this reason, during the fasting process, the patient must not consume any type of solid food that contains proteins.

Total therapy must last for 42 days, or six consecutive weeks. During that period, the body will eliminate all the unhealthy substances that we have taken in through our food, drinks, and breathing.

In the second part of the fasting period, the destruction of the unhealthy cells will start, and after 6 weeks, the entire body will be completely revived.

During the healing process, Breussuses root vegetables that are full of carbohydrates. The recommended therapy is to drink three to five glasses of juice from beetroot, carrots, celery, potatoes, and radishes. Today, Breuss’s diet for cancer treatment is being used around the world as an alternative healing method.

During the diet, the patient should drink juice that contains:

50% beetroot, 20% carrot, 20% celery, 3% raw potato, 2% black radish

Potato is compulsorily only for treating liver cancer!

Mix all these vegetables in a juicer and then filter it to get rid of any sediment. Consuming any solids may provide a breeding ground for cancer. Before starting the cure, try one-quarter liter of juice per day with your normal meal. Drink the juice by the spoonful.

Don’t swallow right away and mix it with a lot of saliva. The instructions are to take one half cup of cold kidney tea the first thing in the morning.

Then 30 to 60 minutes later, take two cups of warm herb tea made from St. John’s Wort, Peppermint, and Lemon Balm.

After another 30 to 60 minutes,adda little vegetable juice and salivate well before swallowing.

After 30 minutes,take another sip of vegetable juice. You should drink some juice 10 to 15 times throughout the morning, but only when you feel like it.

In between, drink warm or cold sage tea without sugar, as much as you like. At noon,drink one half cup of kidney tea and do the same again before retiring at night. In the afternoon take a few sips of tea.
Any liquid should be sipped and mixed well with saliva. Kidney tea should be taken only during the first three weeks of the treatment. Along with this and throughout the therapy, drink one cup of cold cranesbill (geranium robertianum) tea per day.

Cranesbill contains a little radium. Sipping small quantities of tea and juice stimulates the flow of saliva and reduces the workload of the intestines.

For cancer of the bones and lungs, prepare a tea of plantain (plantago major), Icelandic moss, lungwort, ground ivy, and mullein. It doesn’t matter if you can’t get them all.
Cancer feeds off only the solid food that a person is consuming. So if during those 42 days, one drinks only vegetable juice and tea, the tumor will die and the person can live healthily.
Besides curing cancer and other difficult disease, Breuss’s therapy can be used as a preventive. It encourages the cleansing process and makes the immune system stronger, and because there are no unwanted side effects, it is also recommended for losing weight.

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