If you ever bored with your tattoo remove it with these natural remedies

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Today it is quite easy to get a tattoo because there are tattoo studios everywhere. Unlike today, a couple of years ago tattoo studios where mostly located in dark rooms near docks and harbors.

Unfortunately, before opening tattoo studios, most of the people were getting tattoos because of their caprices or while they were drunk. A lot of sailors and soldiers had tattoos made by their “friend” with an unusual needle or ink. These “tattoo artists” were making very bad quality tattoos and they were getting complains the next day.

It is a fact that sometimes we regret of getting a tattoo and we want to remove it because of its bad quality. But even if a tattoo is good, still our tastes change, and we become older and more mature or we start a family and find a great job so, by having a tattoo we do not look representative enough.

There are tattoos about ex love, or tattoos that do not look the same anymore since our bodies change through the years and they become stretched.

If you have a tattoo that you want to remove but you do not have enough money for laser or medical removal here are some tips how you can try to remove your tattoo naturally.

All you need is:

Vitamin E oil

Aloe Vera gel

Cotton swab




  1. Mix equal volumes of aloe vera gel with vitamin E oil in a small bowl. Using a cotton swab, apply the mixture on the tattoo in circular motions and allow it to settle for 5 minutes or less. Rinse the mixture in cold running water. Repeat this procedure several times a day. After a month, you will see the result.
  2. Mix equal volumes of yogurt and turmeric powder in a shallow bowl to form a thick paste. Using your finger, apply the paste on the tattoo and leave it for 10 minutes. Use washcloth and warm water to rinse out the paste from your tattooed body part. Repeat this procedure several times a day.
  3. Take a small bowl with apricot scrub and add aloe vera gel and vitamin E oil. Mix well to form a paste that you will rub on the tattoo while using circular massaging motion skills. Leave the paste on your tattoo for some time before you rinse it with water.

Mostly, with these procedures we try to get rid of the tattoo pigments.

There are several factors we should consider while trying to remove a tattoo such as: the quality and the amount of used ink, tattoo size and etc. You should be patient because organic solutions may need more time from a couple of days up to a couple of months until the tattoo is completely removed. You may also find different creams for tattoo removal on the market which contain most of the ingredients that we have mentioned it above.

Except these solutions for tattoo removal, there are others such as chemical peel which is mostly used for skin rejuvenation. It treats wrinkles, dry skin, acne or skin redness. Some people believe that it helps in tattoo removal but it has given very bad results. There is also dermabrasion tattoo removal, where the top layer of skin is removed as well as the dermis layer containing the ink. But, this procedure is very painful and it requires more time for your skin wound to heal. The last method for tattoo removal is very similar to dermabrasion, the only difference is that instead of sand, salt is used and it is also very painful.


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