Secret Doctor from Garden and “First Aid” from Nature! You All Have It In Your Driveway!

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Plantain is one of the most medicinally powerful “nuisance” plants that you probably aren’t taking advantage of for your health, perhaps to your own detriment.This little weed is so persistent and can show up and survive almost everything.

Those bushy green leaves and small, stalk-like buds bear unique nutritive potential that could help you overcome difficult menstrual cycles, clear up skin acne and even treat painful arthritis. For hundreds of years, plantain has been used as one of nature’s most powerful medicines, and for very good reason.
Let’s see just a few of the many health benefits plantain has:

Aids Digestion
Plantain is the simplest cure for all your digestive troubles, be it antibiotics heartburn, food allergies, or just poor digestion. The plantain leaves can also reduce inflammation and repair gut lining damage.

Helps with congestion and respiratory problems
Plantain is an excellent expectorant because it’s rich in silica. It can clear up congestion and mucus, alleviate cough, and treat colds and a number of other respiratory conditions.

Wound healer
The first thing you need to know about plantain is that it’s an astringent which can be used for wounds and bug bites. Just crush some plantain leaves and apply them on the affected areas, Wrap the wound with some bandage and it’ll draw out the poisons from your skin, prevent infections and scars.

Hemorrhoid cure
We mentioned its astringent properties so it’s so surprise it can be used as a cure for hemorrhoids. It can be processed into a lotion or ointment and applied directly to hemorrhoids, stopping the blood flow and alleviating the pain.

Plantain treats all blood diseases and nearly all other diseases
Plantain is so health beneficial that it can be used for nearly all diseases. The American Materia Medica, Therapeutics and Pharmacognosy, written by Dr. Finley Ellingwood, MD, reveals that plantain is a natural remedy for almost every blood disease known to us, but also for glandular diseases, mercury poisoning, diarrheal conditions, female disorders, and injuries, bites and rashes on the skin.

You can add it to salads, chew it, grind it and apply it topically, make a plantain tea, potion or ointment and however you like it. Just make sure to add it to your list of natural remedies, you won’t regret it.

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