Discovered a Fungus That Has Ideal Cure for Diabetes

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Suddenly appearing in people’s lawns–in troops or lines or rings–this mushroom is well known and relatively easily recognized. Its distinguishing features include its shape and stature (see the illustrations), and the fact that the gills “deliquesce,” turning themselves into black ink as they mature.

The young fruit bodies first appear as white cylinders emerging from the ground, then the bell-shaped caps open out. The caps are white, and covered with scales—this is the origin of the common names of the fungus. The gills beneath the cap are white, then pink, then turn black and secrete a black liquid filled with spores (hence the “ink cap” name). This mushroom is unusual because it will turn black and dissolve itself in a matter of hours after being picked or depositing spores.

Coprinus Comatus mushroom lowers the blood sugar levels by more than 40% an hour after consumption and its effect lasts for more than six hours.

Fungus Coprinus Comatus Ideal Cure for DiabetesThe healing effect of Coprinus Comatus mushroom

For forty years, the most prominent centers of the Far East and the United States have carried out extensive tests regarding the effect of the fungus on the treatment of cancer, heart disease, allergies, diabetes … The Research Institute of the National Cancer Center in Tokyo, Dr. lkekawa and his associates in mice’s first , and then in humans have shown that the consumption of medicinal mushrooms, in an incredibly high percentage, stops the growth of cancer cells or completely destroys them, and thereby renews the healthy ones. The fungus Coprinus comatus is an ideal natural remedy that fights diabetes…

Coprinus comatus fungus is rich in calcium, iron, calcium, zinc, copper and niacin, and contains 20 free amino acids, 8 of which are essential. The dried powder of these mushrooms has become an integral part of the diabetes treatment in some countries. It regulates blood sugar levels, it relieves inflammation in the body, and in addition, it prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases and it can help delay diabetes complications. Furthermore, it is essential in preservation of the pancreatic cells that produce insulin. It prevents complications and consequences of diabetes such as blindness, kidney failure, leg amputation, heart attack and stroke. By consuming this mushroom you can significantly improve your health and heal diabetes. Moreover, it’s great for stabilizing blood sugar levels and thus it reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.

Coprinus comatus for heart disease

This medicinal mushroom regulates blood sugar levels; it has anti-inflammatory and preventive effects on people with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It has protective effect on the Islets of Langerhans (pancreatic cells that produce the insulin hormone). After consuming Coprinus powder, after one and a half hour, the blood sugar level is reduced by 41 %, three hours later, it’s lowered to 31 %, and six hours later there is 20 % less sugar in the blood.

Coprinus comatus for hemorrhoids treatment

Besides diabetes, this fungus produces excellent results in the treatment of hemorrhoids as well. It speeds up the metabolism and solves the problem with constipation. Furthermore, it is scientifically proven that Coprinus comatus reduces the risk of cancer and sarcoma. The recommended daily dosage is 3 x 0.5 g of dried powder.

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