IT is NOT all the Same Where Your Pimple Is-It Actually Reveals Your Health!!!

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There are some body changes to which you don’t pay attention to, but they might be the ones that show you that something is wrong with your body.

If your skin is prone to acne or pimples then you should not be worried only about your look. Everything that appears on your skin may indicate a health problem.

You are not a teenager anymore but you still have pimples? Be careful!!!

According to what is said, pimples are not that bad because they can show you what is wrong with your health and then you will have a chance to do something about it on time.

Visiting a doctor on time may prevent some very serious diseases.

If you have pimples on these body parts then you may suffer from some serious diseases! 


If your skin is rough and it has a lot of tiny, red bumps then this conditions is known as “Chicken Skin”. It appears around hair follicles on the upper arms, legs, buttocks, and sometimes cheeks. Rough skin can also indicate poor circulation or deficiency of vitamins.


Pimples on your ears may be a sign of dehydration or they can also indicate that there is too much sodium or caffeine in your body.


It is known that the skin is the organ through which detoxification is done. Pimples on your back can be a result of poor hygiene, especially if you have problems with increased sweating.


Pimples on your forehead are a sign of digestive problems, especially with the small intestine. Except this, they can also indicate dehydration of your body, which is why it is necessary to increase the water intake.


If you have pimples on your chin or your upper lip then you may have problems with your period. The position of the pimple (right or left) suggests which ovary is ovulating. Except this, chin pimples can also indicate problems with the small intestine, or they can also be caused by eating too much fatty food.


Pimples on your eyebrows and eyelids show that there is something wrong with the adrenal glands. Stress is the main reason that causes problems with glands so try to reduce it. Eyebrow pimples sometimes appear if you eat late night snacks.


Pimples on your chest can be a sign of enhanced function of sebaceous gland, which is related to hormonal changes. The causes can be poor hygiene, stress and the use of talc powder.

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