Natural Battery by Means of Potato You Can Light Room For a Month

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Haim Rabinovitch is professor of science, He and his team of researchers discovered that by using units made of slices of potato quarters located between the copper cathode and a zinc anode connected with wire can light the room with LED lights up to 40 days. Isn’t that amazing?

But, why potatoes?

-They are chosen for the world’s most abundant crop because the world abundant in potatoes.
-Potatoes can grow almost everywhere, including tropical and subtropical climate.

The conclusion is that potatoes can provide electricity for personal electronics for one tenth same as typical AA batteries.
After this interesting discovery, we can conclude that there are numerous possibilities and opportunities that can be offered to people in underdeveloped and remote parts of the world.

Raw potato is not a source of energy, but it provides electricity by acting a bridge between all the metal, allowing electrons to move freely through the wire, creating electricity.

This crop is chosen due to the solid starch tissue, which allows it to be stored for months without attracting insects.

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