Proper Use of Petroleum in the Treatment of Cancer and Other Diseases: History Cure Cancer Paule Ganner!

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The official medicine does not accept this method of treatment and they are talking about the harmful effects of kerosene on the body. But there are real stories of cured people from incurable diseases. There are plenty published stories about this cure.

The first one to speak about this in public was a German doctor Paula Ganner from “Jakob Clinic” on Main who has devoted her life to the study of cancer and in one of her works presented the argument that anyone who drinks one teaspoon of petroleum during 12 days in a row will never develop cancer or leukaemia. Paula, herself, had cancer and cured herself by using kerosene. She helped cure people sick with cancer, when all other methods had proved fruitless.

Paula Canner was sick with cancer that had already spread (metastasis) and lost 14 kilograms. Surgery was used to remove [a large part] of her intestines. It was too late for another colostomy operation. Even her right kidney was attacked by the cancer. According to her doctors, her condition was hopeless. After an eight-day stay-in the hospital she was sent home as an incurable patient. She was given two more days to live.

While lying at home, paralyzed, she remembered what the soldiers used to say when they were at Bosnia and Herzegovina during World War I. They used to drink kerosene, to cure all types of illnesses and also used it as a substance for rubbing-down the wounds. She asked someone to buy her some distilled kerosene at a drugstore in Insbruk. When she received, it, immediately she took one tablespoon. In less than an hour there was a slight improvement in her condition. The paralysis and the pain disappeared. In three days she got out of bed for the first time. After some time she began to eat and did not vomit after eating. After 6 weeks, she felt a terrible hunger and got a taste for veal cutlets, meat, vegetables and salad. Later she reached her normal weight of 56 kg and one month after she volunteered to give blood. The doctor in the clinic said, “I wish every person had your blood, you must have never been sick.”

Paula says: “My friend from Belgium was diagnosed with breast cancer. After surgery her condition was worse. I asked her to use kerosene, 1 teaspoon on an empty stomach. After a month, she began to recover. Also she was cured from diabetes.”

In order to prevent, Paula recommends consuming a few teaspoons of kerosene during the year. And to patients she recommends drinking one teaspoon on an empty stomach for 15 days.

For those who do not tolerate the smell and the taste of kerosene, the first day they can use by 1-2 drops on a sugar cube, or mixed with cold water, 3 times daily after meals. You should gradually increase the amount to 15 drops. To clear the throat after taking kerosene, it is recommended to drink sunflower oil or sea buck-thorn.

Paula believes that the most efficient treatment is the use of kerosene, which is used as fuel for aerospace vehicles. Paula recommends drinking only distilled kerosene, because in her opinion it stimulates the lymphatic vessels and treats them.

She argues that kerosene can cure diabetes, cardiovascular disease, headaches, stomach ulcers, haemorrhoids, radiculitis, cleanse the intestines from worms and parasites, etc.

For a complete cure of diabetes in children, Paula recommended a daily intake of kerosene by 5 drops within 4-5 weeks.

In diseases of the blood and stomach it is necessary to take 1 teaspoon of kerosene per day, in a week. Make a break for 2 months and use kerosene per 1 tablespoon within 4 weeks. A year later, repeat the course of treatment. So the disease would not be regained, Paula recommended to take 1 teaspoon of kerosene for 12 days once a year, as a preventive measure.

Paula recommends 3 drops of kerosene per day to women who are suffering from cancer of the uterus for a complete recovery.

During treatment, nausea and vomiting are possible, but you should continue to use kerosene. In this way you will cleanse the intestines and remove everything unnecessary from the organism.

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