You Should Keep Your Child’s Baby Teeth This Is Why!

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When children lose their baby teeth, parents make special rituals in order to make their children happy or less frightened. For example, they put the lost tooth under a pillow and then a “Tooth Fairy” replaces it with a penny. Kids love this kind of stories but actually, parents throw away these teeth.

According to some new studies, it turns out that the baby teeth- valuable genetic material which can fight against many serious diseases.

Actually, baby teeth contain stem cells! These cells not only can regenerate neurons, bone and cartilage but also cells of the heart muscle tissue.

Modern science allows us to use dental stem cells for body recovery after some diseases.

Latest scientific discoveries show that these stem cells can cure leukemia and Hodking disease.  Previously, these diseases were cured only by transplantation of bone marrow or other tissues.

In order to keep the stem cells, a child’s tooth needs to be frozen in the first 48 hours. In USA and many other countries, there are blood banks, banks for umbilical cord blood and stem banks in which the genetic material can be kept.  If your child becomes ill, it will be safe – the new technology will take care of his health.

But, if you don’t have enough money, or there are no banks near you, then you should just freeze your child’s tooth and keep it like that. Who knows, maybe one day it will save his life…


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