9 Amazing Cancer Cures That You Won’t Hear From Your Doctor

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The FDA and The Journal of the American Medical Association claim that foods cannot cure disorders and diseases. They even say that it is illegal to treat and cure diseases with food. There propaganda is like this because in order to patent a medicine and get rich from that is to pay the FDA to approve the medicine.
Moreover, the medicine must be a combination of lab synthetic chemicals and they will almost certainly cause terrible side effects. The medical community completely controls the cures and presents medicines that only mutate the human cells even more than cancer and eventually cause death. Nobody wants to experience this.

In this article, we present you some natural and effective cancer cures that have cured cancer already.

Cancer cures

1. Turmeric – the turmeric found in the United States market contains microbes and high lead content. If you buy cheap turmeric, you may even increase the bacteria and heavy metal toxins intake and cancer cells survive and advance on these harmful elements. Therefore, you must do differently. You will boost your immune system, if you consume organic turmeric tincture that is loaded with phytonutrient curcumin.

2. Hemp seed oil – extremely important oil that can be purchased in health food stores in the United States legally is produced by cold pressing the seeds of the hemp plant or Cannabis sativa. The hemp seed oil does not have psychoactive THC that is used by people who smoke marijuana. It is rich in essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. The ratio of these beneficial essential fatty acids in the oil is unique. This plant, a member of the fruit achene family, even contains more pure GLA than spirulina – 5%. The hemp seed oil has been used for thousands of years in elixirs due to its anti-mutagenic properties, which prevent radiation and free radicals to cause genetic damage. However, nobody from the medical community will recommend the use of this oil as a cancer cure.

3. Reishi mushrooms – these mushrooms cannot be found in salads in the restaurants or in grocery stores. However, dried powders and supplements, usually found in capsules, can be purchased in a health food store. For 2 millennia, reishi mushrooms are used as the treatment of many illnesses in the Far East. For instance, in China they believe that reishi mushrooms are the mushrooms of immortality. These mushrooms are for long-term consumption and they improve stamina and nerve function. They also reduce high blood pressure. Use the reishi mushrooms to treat cancer and diabetes. Your oncologist will understand that you have found the best cure when you tell him that you know that saponins and polysaccharides decrease the proliferation of cancerous cells.

4. Melatonin – If your intake of free radicals is large, you should know that you can defeat these harmful substances while being asleep. Melatonin was discovered 50 years ago. This diverse molecule contains antioxidant properties. According to many experimental studies, this molecule has an essential role in helping the body to fight many cell-damaging free radicals. This ability of melatonin is because it contains 200% more antioxidant abilities than vitamin E. moreover, it is proven that melatonin is better than vitamin E, vitamin C and glutathione and it is able to reduce oxidative damage. It is excellent against diseases caused by free radicals such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Melatonin is produced in the brain naturally. However, if you are over the age of 55, a borderline diabetic or a diabetic you may need melatonin supplements. Ask a naturopath for advice.

5. Spring water with average pH level – 8.8, without fluoride – You will most certainly have troubles with your body’s pH balance if you have cancer. If you are facing pH imbalance, all nutritionist will recommend you to increase the intake of fruits, vegetables and water. Choose spring water as this water helps in the alkalization of your body.

6. Baking soda – Cheap baking soda found in most markets is a natural cure for cancer. One teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water daily will alkalize your body and cancerous cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment where the cells have enough oxygen. Cancerous cells need acidic environment to live. No doctor will recommend you baking soda. The health organizations don’t allow these kind of doctors to work as there is no money for the medical community from selling cheap baking soda. They get the money from the expensive conventional chemotherapy treatments which destroy your body even more than cancer.

7. Garlic – Garlic cloves contain more than 200 active components which destroy the pathogens in your body. The mutated cancerous cells use an enzyme to multiply called ornithine decarboxylase. You need to cut the supply of this enzyme to the mutated cells and they will eventually die out.

8. Apricot seed kernels – Apricot seeds are an effective alternative cure for cancer. Many people around the world managed to defeat cancer with apricot seeds and there were no side effects from this natural remedy. The cyanide in the seeds is not harmful for you. It is harmful only to the cancerous cells in the body.

9. Cannabis sativa – The healing abilities of cannabis sativa or marijuana were discovered in China in 2700 BC. Medical cannabis was used by the ancient Greeks, Persians and Egyptians. Medicine in the US is very slow in accepting the medical and healing properties of this plant as the DEA classifies cannabis as Schedule I narcotic. This fact often drives doctors and patients away from this amazing natural cure of cancer.


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