How to Lighten Your Hair Color Without Bleach, Using Natural Recipe

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While there are many products on the market that are designed to do this, some of them contain harmful chemicals that could potentially damage your hair. Instead you may want to try lightening your hair using natural solutions made from products you can easily find at home or the local grocery store, including an elevated cancer risk.

Try lemon juice as a lightener
Lemon juice seems to be one of the most popular methods of lightening hair without bleach. You’ll want to use pure lemon juice. The bottled kind is perfectly okay, but fresh-squeezed lemon juice is more potent.
Mix equal parts lemon juice and water. Put the mixture inside a spray bottle and spray the mixture onto your hair. Spray enough so your hair turns damp.
Alternatively, apply the mixture to your wet hair at the end of your shower and don’t rinse it out.
Regardless of which option you choose, the key to this step is to sit out in the sun while the lemon juice is in your hair. The UV rays from the sun is what helps trigger the lightening effect. Note — it is not the heat from the sun that reacts with the lemon juice, so using a blow dryer instead of sitting outside will not work.
Only stay out in the sun for about 30-60 minutes. And make sure you’re also wearing sunscreen on your exposed skin.
Because lemon juice is highly acidic, you should use a lot of conditioner to re-hydrate your hair after you’ve used this mixture.

Just watch the video and witness the power of nature as this simple recipe will naturally lighten the hair.

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