This simple and effective remedy is solution to your pains in neck, back, legs and varicose veins!

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Clean and chop 350 grams of garlic . Place the garlic in a glass jar , and pour with one liter of high-quality unrefined vegetable oils , such as olive or sunflower oil . Close the jar in the store in the dark at room temperature for two weeks . Do not forget that every day thoroughly shaken content in a jar .

After two weeks, strain the contents of the jar through a sieve twice , or even better through 3-4 layers of gauze . The resulting liquid every night rub the sore spot , and then wrap the foil pouch , to keep the sore spot warm , and hold it overnight . Treatment repeated every night during the two months .

First results will notice after 7 days. Garlic increases blood flow through diseased joints , and thus contributes to the improvement functions .

Varicose veins

Gently rub the oil obtained from garlic to the affected area . Wrap the bandage part , or some the soft cloth and so sleep on . In the morning, wash the place.

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