Quickly And Easily Out How To Grow Endless Onions In Your Home

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Here is how to grow your own organic onions in the comfort of your home.



No matter what kind of cuisine you’re into, be it Spanish, Italian, Indian… You’re going to be using onions.

And the best way would be if you could grow them yourselves. That way you’ll always know what you eat and it cannot get any fresher than picking it up from your window and straight on the table.
They’re a staple foodstuff. How awesome would it be if every time you needed an onion for your recipe or meal, you just reach over to your window and pluck a fresh as many as you need whenever you want?
What You Need

5 L plastic bottle
pair of scissors
onion bulbs



Start by cutting the neck off the plastic bottle.

Cut some holes in it, with the scissors. The holes should be big enough for the onions.

You then make sure the onion sprouts are positioned through the holes.

Put layers of soil and sprouts, adding them until the bottle is full.

You can add the neck back on (simply tape it around) or leave it like that.

Water the soil and set it on your windowsill.

In no time, onions will sprout out the bulbs, you can watch them grow, and eventually flavor your dishes with them. Enjoy!

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