Chinese Herb Paired With Iron Kills 98 % of The Cancer Cells in 16 Hours!

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Back in the history people used to be much healthier and to live longer despite the fact that there were no medications and people used only herbs from the nature for treatment of various diseases. 150 years ago cancer was non-existing disease as well as many other diseases known as diseases of modern time.



The main reasons for all these ailments according to many experts are the bad lifestyle, consumption of low-quality dairy products, refined sugars fast food etc.


The biggest part of cancer patients, are using conventional medicine or chemo for treatment of this dreadful disease. However, many of them at some point of their therapy turn to alternative medicine trying to find solution.

There are some herbal medicines that are showing excellent results. What many people don’t know is that even Taxol (chemotherapy drug) comes from the bark of the yew tree. If you decide to use herbs for treating cancer you should consult specialist who will instruct you how to use them and in which dose to consume the remedies. With this you will avoid any side effects.

Another way to treat cancer is with the wormwood plant (Artemisia Absinthium) which comes from North Africa and Eurasia, although it could be found in Northern America and Canada.

Wormwood paired with iron killed 98 percent of breast cancer cells!

The latest studies came as shock to the public with their results. According to them wormwood can fight already developed cancer. According to studies that were published in an issue of Life Sciences, artemisinin – a derivative of the wormwood plant used in Chinese Medicine paired with iron – can kill 98% of breast cancer cells in within 16 hours.

When used on its own the herb reduces cancer cells by 28 percent, but when it is combined with iron it is much more powerful.

Iron actually increases the absorption of wormwood by the cancer cells. Conventional medicine and chemo attack both the cancer cells and the healthy one. This can cause many side effects and make the situation worse. Luckily alternative medicine and wormwood attack only the cancer cells leaving the healthy one unaffected.

Besides this you should also know that your lifestyle and diet play a huge role for preventing and treating cancer. Keeping your body alkaline is the first thing that you should do to keep this disease away from you.

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