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Women get too emotional during her period, and men always complain about it. When women are having their period they often have problems with hormonal is sues and cramps, sometimes even getting out of bed can be a real struggle.

Because of these cramps and mood changes, there are several things you should avoid doing while you are on your period. Today we will present you a list of things you must never do, while you are on your period.

  • Cook

While on your period,you shouldn’t be in the kitchen and cooking because you run the risk of hurting someone. You will probably wonder how. The answer is very simple;when cooking you are most likely to have a knife in your hand. Now, what if it happens to have one of those emotional attacks while having a knife near your hand? You can very easy hurt yourself or somebody else. So, cooking is one of those things you should never do while having a period. Just stay out of the kitchen.

  • Exercise in any way

It is essential to remember that you are not fat, bust just bloated due to the period. When your period is over, you will be sexy again. Therefore, you do not need to exercise because you risk ruining your new workout clothes. In that way you’ll save yourself the trouble of putting your workout clothes in the wash until the stains come out.

  • Use your phones

The reason why you shouldn’t use your phone is very simple; you might end up calling your ex. This is so emotional time of the month for you and you are most likely having mood changes all the time. You might feel alone and in moments like this you are probably going to make the worst mistake of your life and that is calling your ex. And you won’t stop there. You’ll want to get back together with him and if he rejects you, you probably will curse him for no reason. For that reason, in this emotional time of the month it is the best for you to to stay away from your phone.

  • Watch romantic comedies

Watching romantic comedies are not the best choice when having a period, especially if you are single. If you’re in a relationship you should avoid watching this kind of movie too, because you might even miss being single. So,while you are on your period don’t watch any romantic comedy. You have to remember that people in TV shows and movies are just acting.Their life on the screen might look perfect, but it is just a show, the reality might be totally opposite.

  • Eat tons of chocolate

Do not believe all the clichés you hear. Only because you are on your period, does not mean that you have to load yourself with tons of chocolate. Consuming chocolate won’t make you feel any better. For that reason eat just a few candy bars, but remember not to go crazy, as at the end you will only be angry at yourself

Get out of bed

If you are feeling awful, then it’s probably the best to stay in your bed. If you are all cranky nobody wants to deal with you. So, it’s best if you stay in your bed and sleep a little bit more. If you can,lay in your bed for 2 or 3 days, do so. When this emotional crisis is over you may leave your bed.

  • Start arguments

And this is the most important things you should not do while on your period. As you know this days of the month are extremely emotional for you and the last thing you want to do is to start a fight. You certainly will regret after that, because probably you will say bad things just to hurt the other person. During this time, you need to avoid fighting with someone that you deeply care about, as it can affect your relationship. In times like this you should just calm down. Leave the argument for some other time.

  • Take a shower

When having a period there is no point in taking a shower. If you want to feel better and stay clean, the better alternative is always to take a bath. You may spice up the things with some music and wine and just relax. This relaxing bath will make your mind and body feel amazing.

  • Do housework

Those clothes on your bathroom floor and all the junk on the kitchen cabinet are not going anywhere. For that reason, you don’t need to bother and clean it immediately. Leave it there, and just go back to bed. Read some book or watch a movie. When your period is over you will clean all that mess.

  • Run

Probably the worst idea while you are on your period is running. This is no time for burning calories. For that reason, while you are on your period,don’t run down the stairs or a cross the parking lot, and never ever run around your block. Just get back in your bed and watch some movie.

  • Eat fast food

During these days you should stay at home and avoid fast food restaurants. Those places are filled with fried food that will probably make you feel even worse. You should just stay at home and skip the burger and the fries. As an alternative grab a mug of hot chocolate or eat some candy bar.

  • Sit at all

The key is to lie down in your bed, because it feels way much better. Avoid sitting and instead lie all day if you have a chance.  You can lie on the couch and watch TV, in the tub when you must get clean and always lie down in the bed. If you sit or walk will not make you feel better while you are on your period. So, why suffer?

  • Think

Your body is already in big pain, so why to put your brain through pain as well?

The kids can feed the pets and do their homework without you for severaldays,you don’t need that headache too.

Just to be clear, while you are having a period you can do everything you normally do the rest of the month. But, the better option is to stay in your bed and sleep the entire day if you can. This means you can do whatever you want!


SOURCE: http://www.yourstylishlife.com

– See more at: http://healthyideasbox.com/

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