She planted these tea bags in her garden,and what happened is beyond incredible

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There is nothing more refreshing in the morning than getting ready with a nice cup of tea. With only one tea bag, you can turn the hot water into delicious herbal bliss. But, when you are done with your drink, you should not throw those tiny tea bags.

Tea bags can be used in a number of incredible ways:

1. Black tea consists of tannic acid. It helps soothe sunburns.

2. In a container, you should store used black tea bags and put it in the fridge to stay for a few days. After that, use those tea bags to help with the bags under your eyes.

3. The same bags are able to soothe the small burns.

4. Use your tea for a rinse.

5. Green tea bags can be utilized to shrink warts.

6. In order to absorb shoe odor, you should use dry tea bags.

7. The pH in soil can be lowered because of the tannic acid in the tea bags and also can help your plants grow free of fungus.

8. Let a tea bag soak with your dishes to make removing grime easier.

9. Clean your mirror by using cooled tea and a rag.

10 .Been chopping onions? Tea bags are ideal in this case. They remove odors that stick to your hands.

11. Tea bags work as a gauze after oral surgery and aid in soothing pain.


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