When He Got Diagnosed With Stage 4 Cancer, His Son Suggested That He Try THIS And It Worked!

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This story may sound mind boggling to you, since this man utilized preparing powder and heating pop to treat cancer.Vernon Johnston, a man who was determined to have forceful stage 4 prostate disease, which had even metastasized into his bone matter, utilized heating pop and molasses as the main thrust to recuperate from this.

His Son’s Advice

Vernon’s child adviced his dad to chip away at raising his Ph since malignancy can’t flourish in a high or basic pH. Before long, Vernon met Larry who instructed him to utilize cesium chloride to raise his pH levels into a high soluble level physiologically.

Since Vernon did not experience any hurtful customary medicines, it implies that his option treatment is more powerful. When he requested the cesium chloride, it lost all sense of direction via the post office, yet he didn’t surrender, rather he kept searching for another wellspring of raising his pH level into the antacid reach.

Fortunately, he found the formula with which he was resolved to slaughter malignancy before it murders him. He utilized heating pop or bicarbonate of pop with maple syrup, however he supplanted the syrup with molasses since he didn’t have one i his kitchen.

Vernon’s Miraculous Results

Vernon recoreded his day by day treatment in a journal. He called his own particular treatment the last “hit the dance floor with malignancy”. He likewise incorporated a decent eating regimen keeping in mind the end goal to advance alkalinity alongside mineral and vitamin supplements, and loads of sunshine.Since anaerobic tumor cells can’t endure oxygen, Vernon began working on breathing activities so as to help the expanded oxygentation started by the sudden pH ascend from sodium bicarbonate.

Malignancy cells flourish with maturing sugar as opposed to respirating oxygen for their survival. That is the reason Vernon had utilized maple syrup since it acts like a Trojan stallion which permits high pH bicarbonate of pop to enter growth cells and stun them with a sudden surge of alkalinity which oxygenate them and lead to their downfall.

Vernon recieved a therapeutic examination which affirmed his complete inversion of prostate and bone disease soon after a couple of weeks. This is a story from 2008 told by Vernon in a neighborhood Anza range California daily paper, The Valley News in 2009, and Vernon is as yet telling his story today.

Such an excess of astonishing option disease arrangements, and others that show up and are modest non-lethal cures, that sneak past the Medical Monopoly essentially unnoticed, are each of the a danger to the therapeutic foundation.

Notwithstanding, Vernon utilized molasses which worked and really wind up making a more strong mineral base for his dietary backing. On the off chance that one is doing only it at home, specialists prescribe more than one convention. Since handled nourishments and sugars fuel malignancy development, individuals with disease conclusion should dodge this kind



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