The New PARTY DRUG Is Becoming More And More Popular Among Teenagers

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People start chewing flower seeds because they’re LEGAL, and apparently, mimic the high of LSD. These are the flowers seeds mostly used: Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, Sleepy Grass and Blue Morning Glory.

After a number of TEENAGERS were hospitalized — with extreme PSYCHOTIC reactions, the police issued a WARNING to parents. They should pay more attention to their children and to be careful of the new trend among them-planting and chewing flower seeds because they have the same hallucinogenic effect on people such as LSD.

They contain LSA (lysergic acid amide), a HALLUCINOGEN similar to LSD. And while purchasing the seeds is legal — EXTRACTING the LSA — is ILLEGAL. When swallowed, chewed, licked or crushed into tea — they affect a person’s hearing, vision, and sense of time — often making them feel extreme euphoria and extreme fatigue.  And like LSD, they can also induce psychotic episodes, flashbacks, overwhelming PARANOIA, and vomiting.

This new trend is mostly found among middle school and high school teenagers. According to a police officer:

“We as human beings have a tendency to come up with different ways to become impaired, or however you want to describe it. Here we have a natural product that’s intended for ornamental purposes, and somehow, someone figured out that it could cause a hallucinogenic effect. Parents should know if their children are into planting flowers or not, so if they see these things in the household, the radar should be on, the red flag should go up.”

The seeds’ psychotic properties were first recorded in the 1960s:

Blue Morning Glory seeds are black and its flowers are blue-and-white. Drug users crush them or lick them to induce a psychotic high.

Sleepy Grass seeds looks like pieces of buckwheat. They grow long grass on dry soil, like that commonly seen across the plains of the Midwest and in the arid South West like Arizona.


Watch this SHOCKING testimony about using Hawaiian Baby Woodrose experience.

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