Doctor Sells His Practice, Opens Up “Farmacy” Using Food As Medicine Instead

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Dr. Robert Weiss did something brilliant and new in the medical community. He decided to teach about the importance of nutrition and diet, by opening a “Farmacy”.
Dr. Weiss starts the first ‘Farmacy’

The “Farmacy” is located in Long Valley, where Dr. Weiss treats patients with plants foods instead of drugs.

“Plant-based whole foods are the most powerful disease-modifying tools available to practitioners — more powerful than any drugs or surgeries,” said Dr. Weiss.

Billions of people have been intoxicated with synthetic chemicals.

Plants have been used since ancient times, we are aware of plant and herb benefits for our health, and still we run straight to pharmacy whenever we are sick.
Even the diets have become full with processed and preserved food that causes various diseases in our bodies.
Dr. Weiss is practicing the advice from the father of medicine:

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates

On the “Farmacy” the priority is to bring the body into balance through consuming vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, nuts and seeds.

” Dr. Weiss said. “I am talking about treating and preventing chronic disease — the heart attacks, the strokes, the cardiovascular disease, the cancers … the illnesses that are taking our economy and our nation down.”

“a salad of baby kale, radicchio, purple carrots, cucumbers, onions and cherry husk tomatoes tossed with a walnut vinaigrette, followed by eggplant rollatini with tofu instead of cheese, and dairy-free chocolate pudding garnished with raspberries”

Maybe it looks simple, but this salad is full with many important medicinal ingredients.

Dr. Weiss prescript her a strict diet with grains (sweet potatoes and whole-grain brown rice), steamed greens (spinach and kale) fruit (wild organic blueberries) and water.
According to Angelina’s daughter, she stopped taking medications for blood pressure after 2 weeks.
This success made Angelina’s daughter, Suarez and her sister to try the same diet, and they lost around 40 pounds.

90 families are part of the farmacy.

“Human health is directly related to the health of the environment, the production of food and how it is grown,” said Dr. Weiss, who also got his undergraduate degree in botany from Rutgers College of Arts in Science. “I see this farm as an opportunity for me to take everything I’ve done all my life, all the biology and chemistry of plants I have studied, and link them to the human biological system.”

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