This Old Russian Recipe Will Help You Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair Forever!

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Every woman`s dream is to get rid of the body hair forever. This old recipe has proved to be very effective in reducing and permanently eliminating the hairs from your body. Waxing and shaving every day can be boring and time-consuming, so women are looking for a permanent solution to this problem.

Particularly unpleasant is the hair on the face because it is an aesthetic problem and it affects women`s self-confidence. This recipe has the ability to remove all the unwanted hair form your body without any side effects.


-A few walnut shells (no green parts!)


Dry the walnut shells and burn them. Add some water on the walnut ashes so that you can get a creamy mixture.

Let it stand for around 12 hours. Then dip a cotton wool in it and apply this cream on the parts from where you want to remove the unwanted hair. Let it act for about 30 minutes. When you`re done with the procedure, wash it well.

The procedure should be repeated 3 times in a day. The results will be visible after a few days. After a longer period, the hair growth will gradually decrease, until one day there will be no hair on your skin.


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