How To Grow An Endless Supply Of Garlic at Home

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Garlic is among the most specific, delicious, and healthy ingredients you can include in your food. It leaves off a nice, characteristic aroma that enriches the flavour of your dish. The good thing is that you can grow it at home.

Besides the great taste and aroma, garlic also provides numerous health benefits, which include:

Cardiovascular health
when added to food, garlic inhibits the accumulation of fat in the body, and assists the body to deal with it better. As such, it minimizes the risk of heart disease and stroke. Furthermore, it is beneficial in the case of high blood pressure and reduces hypertension by up to 80%.

Immune system
Studies have revealed that daily consumption of garlic supplements reduces the risk of colds and flu by a whopping 63%. Furthermore, it’s exceptionally effective in the case of Staph infections. Likewise, it accelerates the treatment of ear infections.

Cancer prevention
According to research findings, the more garlic you consume on a regular basis, the more your risk of stomach cancer, liver cancer, and colorectal cancer is lowered.

Growing garlic at home

Garlic is quite easy to grow at home, and be sure to always grow organic garlic. In fact, non-organic garlic carries loads of chemicals that have been added to prevent it from sprouting when planted.

October is the best time to plant, before the ground freezes. Moreover, the soil needs to be fertile and loose. Top the soil with 2-3 inches of organic matter before making shallow furrows, 6 inches apart.

Afterwards, break apart the garlic heads, and pick the largest ones for planting. You can use the smaller ones in the kitchen. Then, distribute your cloves 4 inches apart in the furrows, 3 inches deep.

Afterwards, add soil in the holes before pouring some water. You can also add some compost or dead leaves if you so prefer, and then wait.

The plants should be fertilized in spring and watered when the soil is very dry an inch below the surface. Moreover, ensure that you remove any flowers that grow.

Remember to pull the plant’s green leaves as soon as they’re 5 or 6. Ready garlic are either eaten right after harvest or stored for later use. To store them, they must first be cleaned, hanged in a dry, cooled and properly ventilated place.

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