20 Kitchen Tips And Tricks No One Ever Told You About

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This article will show you 20 neat kitchen tricks which will ease your life improve your food’sshelf life. We will also show you effective and easy ways to clean dishes; continue reading to learn more.

  1. Prevent the growth of bacteria in dairy products

This tip works for cottage cheese and sour cream which don’t have a long shelf life. Simply turn the container upside down in the fridge, and the vacuum effect will prevent bacteria from growing.

  1. Extend the shelf life of fresh veggies

Put some paper towels on the refrigerator shelf and they will soak the excess moisture and keep your veggies fresh for longer.

  1. Fresh eggs

If you’re not sure that the eggs you’ve bought are fresh, here’s a tip: put them in a bowl of water and observe them – if they are fresh, they will sink to the bottom right away.

  1. Keep brown sugar from getting hard

In order to prevent the brown sugar from getting hard you should keep in in your fridge, but if it’s already hard, soften in by placing it in a sealed bag with a slice of fresh bread and an apple.

  1. Prevent salt from getting hard

Put a few grains of rice in your salt shaker, and the salt will never get hard again!

  1. Prevent dry cheese

If you want to keep your cheese fresh, rub it with some oil or butter.

  1. Keep your butter fresh

If you have store some butter in your freezer, put it in a zipper bag to prevent it from absorbing odors from other foods.

  1. Reviving flat champagne

If your bottle of champagne has become flat, put 1-2 raising in it to make it bubbly again.

  1. Converting pudding into mousse

Make the pudding with whipped cream instead of milk or water and you’ll get a nice mousse.

  1. Reverse crystallized honey to its natural color

Honey doesn’t spoil, but if it gets crystallized, you should put the jar in some warm water until it becomes clear again.

  1. Over salted soup

Add some raw potatoes or apples in your over salted soup and boil them for 10 minutes so they can soak up the excess salt. After that, remove them from the pot.If the method didn’t work, add some sugar, vinegar or water to the soup.

  1. Saving sinewy meat

Marinate the meat in beer, vinegar or tomato juice, lemon, papaya or pineapple -these ingredients contain enzymes which will save your meat from becoming sinewy, but if the method doesn’t work, use a pizza knife to gently cut it.

  1. Get rid of excess fat in the soup

If you’re soup turned out too fatty, put a bowl of it in your fridge for 30 minutes and you can take the fat out with ease. If you’re in a hurry, put a couple ice cubes in the bowl and remove them once you notice the fat around them. A piece of lettuce should also be able to absorb the excess fat.

  1. Improve the taste of burnt milk

If you burned your milk, add a pinch of salt in it and the smell will quickly vanish.

  1. Make your fruit ripe

If you want to ripen fruit overnight, put it in a paper bag along an apple, which will accelerate the ripening process.

  1. Save burnt sauce

If you burned your sauce, add a teaspoon of peanut butter in the cup and it will eliminate the unpleasant taste.

  1. Get rid of the unpleasant smell of plastic containers

Plastic containers have a bad smell sometimes, even when you wash them. But, here’s a nice trick which will help you eliminate the unpleasant smell: fill them with a newspaper and the odor will disappear!

  1. Save a burnt pan

To clean a burnt pan, sprinkle some baking soda along 4-5 teaspoons of salt, then pour some water in and leave the pan overnight. Wash the pan in the morning and it will be cleaner than ever.

  1. Cleaning stainless steel

Use alcohol to clean your stainless steel dishes – just put some on a cloth and rub the dish.

  1. Polishing copper

Ketchup can help you polish copper – put some on a piece of cloth and polish your copper items. You will be amazed by the results!

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