3 Secret Steps to Activate Your Fat Burning Hormones and Lose Weight Fast

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Excess body weight is a clear sign of malnutrition and improper diet. Also, lack of physical activity can also lead to fat accumulation.

Testosterone, the male hormone has the ability to burn fats. This is why men have less body fat than women.

Estrogen, insulin and cortisol are fat storing hormones. In women, estrogen leads to excess weight because it is trying to prepare the body for pregnancy.

Cortisol, the stress hormone plays a big role in fat accumulation in the body. So, if you are constantly under stress, you are more likely to be overweight.

for quick and effective weight loss, follow the following 3 steps:

Step 1: Boost Testosterone

Excess estrogen can be easily neutralized with testosterone. However, you should not use testosterone injections or medications, but turn to natural ways instead. For instance, you can increase testosterone levels by weight training or endurance training.

Women should do muscle building exercises, use heavier weights and practice cardio training.

Step 2: Preventing Insulin Resistance and Cutting Back on Sugar

Insulin resistance is one of the most common reasons for increased fat accumulation. Excess sugar consumption can be the cause of insulin resistance development. Try to cut the sugar intake and include more healthy foods in your diet.

Step 3: Preventing the Production of Cortisol

Stress is associated with excess secretion of cortisol, which is responsible for the fat accumulation around your stomach. Therefore, it is essential to manage stress if you want to lose weight successfully. For example, you can do some relaxation methods such as mediation, yoga and mindfulness.

Hormones have a huge impact in the fat accumulation and fat-burning process in the body. Therefore you should simply follow the above mentioned rules and soon you will notice the difference.

Source: healthierwayoflife.com

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