Russian Scientist Claims That These 5 Ingredients Can Cure All Types of Cancer! – (Recipe, Preparation and Consumption)

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The recipe of the Russian scientists, professor Hristo Mermerski is the revolutionary mixture of only 5 ingredients that has cured thousands of people from cancer.


“It’s food to treat the entire body, and the cancer in such an organism will just withdraw,” he explains in his lectures. This remedy cleans the blood vessels, it heals the heart, it rejuvenates the immune system and it cleanses the liver and the kidneys.

Plus, it improves the brain function and memory; it prevents the occurrence of a heart attack, and helps in healing of those who have experienced a heart attack or stroke. Many people claim that this is the best remedy for all types of cancer.


– 15 fresh (with a shiny crust) organic lemons

– 12 heads of fresh garlic

– 1 kg of homemade honey

– 400 g of sprouted grains (young green wheat)

– 400 g of fresh walnuts

How to prepare the sprouted grains 

Put 400 g of wheat in a glass container. Pour some water over it and leave it like that all night. After 10-12 hours drain the grains through a clean cloth / gauze, rinse them thoroughly and drain them again.Leave the drained wheat grains in a bowl. You will get wheat sprouts after 24 hours with a length of 1-2 mm.
Preparation of the remedy

Firstly, grind together sprouted grains, nuts and peeled heads of garlic. Then grind 5 lemons, and mix all together. Squeeze the other 10 lemons and mix the juice with the rest of the mixture, until homogenous. After that, add the honey and mix with a long wooden spoon, then pour the mixture into a glass container. Lastly, keep the mixture in the fridge for 3 days. Afterwards, you can start consuming the remarkable mixture…


You should consume this food 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner and before going to bed. In case of cancer treatment, take one-two tablespoons every 2 hours!

The remarkable recipe will provide you with good health and long life. It will cure cancer, keep your body vital, and boost your energy. The remedy contains all the necessary vitamins, mineral salts, bioactive substances, proteins, carbohydrates and vegetable fat. They improve the performance of all internal organs and glands which keep the body healthy and cure cancer completely.

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