Amazing Plant That Everyone Should Keep On Hand- Comfrey And Its Incredible Healing Power

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This specific plant has healing properties for osteoarthritis, burns, broken bones, bruises, eczema or sprains.


This plant is called comfrey. Because of the richness in calcium and vitamin C it can speed up the healing of the wounds. Among people it is called “knitbone”. We can see the anti- inflammatory functions of this plant in the sole name. The name comfrey comes from the Latin word conferva, meaning to grow together. It speeds up the metabolism and the recovery time.

Using comfrey is not that difficult. Here is how you can do this.

Because of the allantoin that the comfrey contains we can easily affect the wounded area. Just wrap large leaves over a twisted ankle and let the comfrey do its work.

Some real situations:

There is a real situation where a friend of mine had a heel spur. He was suggested to try comfrey as a treatment. He applied some fresh comfrey leaves directly on his helps. He left them for half an hour and after that period of time the pain has fully disappeared and didn’t return again.


The use of comfrey is limited only to external use; it has been a controversy about using it internally.

It is not recommended to pregnant woman, and you need to consult your doctor or herbalist before using this plant internally or externally.

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