How To Tell If The Pain Between Your Shoulder Blades Is a Warning Sign Of Cancer

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Back pain is a common problem for the majority of people around the world. It is mostly caused by sitting down or standing up for a longer period, but there are numerous factors which contribute to the condition. Lower back pain is most common, but what is your body trying to tell you when you experience pain in the shoulders or rib cage?


Upper back pain
The upper back is a region spreading from the base of your neck to the bottom of the rib cage. Pain in this region is usually dull or sharp and can be accompanied with muscle tightness and stiffness. The condition is caused by:

– Overuse of the muscles, muscle strains and injuries to the ligaments that support your spine;
– Poor posture;
– Pressure on the spinal nerves;
– Fractured vertebrae;
– Osteoarthritis;
– Myofascial pain

The common symptoms are weakness in the limbs, numbness or tingling in your arms and legs and loss of bowel or bladder control. If you have experienced these symptoms along with back pain, consult your doctor as they may be a sign of gallbladder disease or cancer.

Back pain: an unknown cancer symptom
Lower back pain can be caused by colon, rectal or ovary metastasized cancer. Tumors in the spinal column may cause back pain due to the weakening of the bones. This may lead to spinal fractures, pinched nerves and spinal instability which causes tenderness and discomfort in the bones.

Shoulder pain may be a symptom of lung cancer or liver cancer.

Home remedies for back pain
Chronic back pain can be treated by professionals, and muscle deep pain can be treated with yoga, acupuncture, hot and cold compresses or warm Epsom salt baths. Trying a different sleeping position may be a good idea too. In order to find long-lasting relief, you can try these exercises:

Pectoral stretch
Stand on an open doorway with your arms resting on the doorframe above, then lean forward until you feel a stretch in your shoulders. Hold the position for 15 seconds, then repeat it 2-3 times.
Scapular squeeze
Sit straight with your arms by your sides and squeeze the shoulder blades as much as you can. Hold for five seconds, then repeat 3 times.

Thoracic stretch
Sit on the floor with your legs in front and keep both arms on the ground. Grab your thighs and curl your head towards the belly, holding for 10-15 seconds. Repeat the exercise 3 times.

Lying knee twist
Lie on the floor with your limbs stretched, keeping the arms on the ground. Bring your right knee towards you, crossing it over to the left and holding for 20 seconds. Repeat the exercise with the other knee.

Yoga cat
Kneel with your hands at shoulders width and knees at hips width. Exhale deeply and arch your spine towards the ceiling, then inhale and tighten the core muscles rounding the back like a cat. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times.

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