Do You Have Blackheads That You Wish To Clean? Here Is How To Get Rid Of Blackheads With Egg White And Toilet Paper – Simpler Than Ever

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We all face black spots on the face. They can be unsightly and difficult to remove. Here is a trick which is extremely simple and efficient.


Egg white is rich in vitamins and minerals like selenium, which combat acne. Protein helps close pores and protects the skin from bacteria that might develop there. In addition, the proteins reduce wrinkles.

To perform this trick you will need one egg white and toilet paper or paper towel. Before you apply the egg, rinse your face thoroughly with warm water to open the pores. It is ideal if you do a steam bath before this process.

Beat the egg white, then using a brush or even your fingers, apply a coat of egg white on the nose, cheekbones and chin. Over the egg layer apply a single layer of toilet paper or paper towel.

Watch the video below to see what are the next steps!

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