This Natural Homemade Toothpaste Will Help You To Heal Cavities, Gum Disease, And Whiten Teeth

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This natural toothpaste is excellent, and when you try it the first time, you will be surprised and no longer will buy expensive and unhealthy commercial toothpastes.

On the market, there are several Ayurveda toothpastes, but the one that we will present in this article is the most effective. It contains neem (Azadirachtaindica) and effectively treats cavities and gum issues. Also, it supports gum and teeth health.

Maybe the most important thing about this paste, is that it doesn’t include fluoride, but also has potent antibacterial properties, because of the powerful ingredients: coconut oil, baking soda and Xylitol.
These ingredients are easily available, and the preparation of this amazing toothpaste is quick and simple.

Ingredients you will need:

• 3 tablespoons extra virgin coconut oil
• 3 tablespoons baking soda
• 1 tablespoon xylitol (it is for taste)
• 1 tablespoon neem powder
• 15 drops of mint essential oil/aroma


In a suitable container, mix all the ingredients, in order to make a paste. Usually coconut oil harden depends on the room temperature, so it is best to store it in a glass jar.


Usage of this natural toothpaste is the same as the use of your regular toothpaste. You can use it three times a day or more. This paste will treat gum disease, heal cavities and whiten your teeth.
Try it and you won’t regret it!

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