If You Consume Lemon Water During The Morning, Put Some Pineapple In It. Here Is The Most Essential Reason Why You Should Do It!

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Water of lemon represents and AMAZING way to begin the day, however there is another better way of preparing alkaline water. Just put some pineapple in it!

Have you ever heard that a connection exists between body pH and a lot of the illnesses? One of the greatest and most serious dangers of the Standard American Diet it represents the toll which is being taken on the body, mostly the kidneys, liver as well as the digestive system. The acid-alkaline balance is extremely important, due to the fact that a bunch of the functions in the body happen just at a particular level of acidity or alkalinity. A lot of the enzymes and chemical reactions inside the body perform their job in the best way possible at a particular pH. If even a slight change happens in the pH that may affect to a great extent some of the functions of the body.

Juice made of lemon and juice made of pineapple are very good and useful in giving help to people to speed up to a great extent the process of becoming alkaline. The mineral composition of this mixture created inside the human body in becoming much more alkaline when they are metabolized.

So, consume this beverage each and every day and we tell you that you are going to notice the difference very fast.

20 Incredible Reasons To Put Some Pineapple And Lemon To The Water You Drink

  1. A combination of water with pineapple and lemon gives the body electrolytes that gives hydration to the body. This happens due to the fact that lemons are consisted of big amount of electrolytes like for example magnesium, calcium as well as potassium.
  2. This mixture of water combined with pineapple and lemon are doing great things for the joints, mostly because it lowers the pain in the muscles and the joints.
  3. This mixture is helpful for the digestion mostly because the lemon is consisted of citric acid. It intermingles with a lot of various enzymes and acids that in a very easy way gives stimulation to the secretion of gastric juice as well as to the digestion.
  4. The liver creates a bunch of enzymes from the lemon water than from any other type of food.
  5. Furthermore, it gives cleaning to the liver. The juice made of lemon gives stimulation to the liver to liberate itself from the toxins.
  6. Also, this mixture is helpful in the combat against the infections of the respiratory tract, sore throats as well as inflammation of the tonsils. This is like that thanks to the anti-inflammatory characteristics lemon possesses.
  7. It is helpful in keeping in control the natural movement of the bowels.
  8. If you want your metabolism to work in an excellent and normal way you should use the mixture of lemon and pineapple. The lemon is an amazing very strong and powerful antioxidant, and that is why it offers security and protection to the body from free radicals as well as it makes better and stronger the immune system.
  9. Furthermore, a mixture of water with pineapple and lemon is helpful in making the nervous system to perform its job and function in a better way, due to the fact that the lemon is consisted of huge amounts of potassium. If the blood has lower levels of potassium, those people are going to suffer from anxiety and depression. In order for the nervous system to guarantee sustainable signals to the heart it is necessary to have enough amount of potassium.
  10. By drinking this water with pineapple and lemon you will clean your arteries, blood vessels as well as the blood itself.
  11. Furthermore, the mixture of water with pineapple and lemon is very helpful in reducing the blood pressure. If you consume each and every single day one lemon you can reduce the high blood pressure about 10%.
  12. A mixture of water with lemon and pineapple may be very helpful in making alkalizing effect inside the body. It doesn’t matter whether you consume it right before you have your meal, this may be helpful for your body to keep a higher level of pH. If the pH is higher, the body will have a lot bigger ability to combat against a bunch of illnesses.
  13. A mixture of water with pineapple and lemon is excellent for the skin. The lemon is consisted of vitamin C which makes better the skin of people with the process of rejuvenating the body. If people consume this water with lemon every day more specifically every morning they are going to make better the condition of their skin.
  14. Uric acid is diluted when people consume the water with lemon. The ulric acid represents the built up that create the pain inside the gouts and the joints.
  15. Furthermore, this combination of water with pineapple and lemon is excellent for pregnant women. Due to the fact that lemons are consisted of big amounts of vitamin C, they serve as an adaptogen which helps the body to deal with infections and viruses, like for example the colds. Moreover, vitamin C of the lemon are helpful for creating the bone tissue of the baby who are not born yet. Also, at the same moments because of the huge amounts of potassium, the combination of water with lemon is helpful in creation of the cells of the brain and the nervous system of the baby.
  16. Then, this mixture of water with lemon and pineapple is helpful for making easier the heartburn. For this, make a mixture of a teaspoon of juice of lemon with a half a glass of water.
  17. Gallstones, kidney stones, calcium deposits and pancreatic stones can be dissolved with the mixture of water with lemon and pineapple.
  18. Also, if you want to lose weight drink this mixture of pineapple and lemon. Lemons are consisted of pectin fiber that is excellent and very helpful for keeping suppressed the desire for food. A lot of researches showed that people who have excellent alkaline diet have lost the weight in a much quicker way.
  19. Gingivitis and tooth pain can be solved with a mixture of water with lemon and pineapple.
  20. The mix of water with pineapple and lemon is helpful in stopping cancer. That happens like that because lemons represent an extremely high alkaline food. A bunch of researches have pointed out that cancer is not able to attack and survive in an alkaline environment.

In what way and in what moments, people are supposed to drink this water with lemon and pineapple:

So, for this you will need clean, warm, purified, spring water. Then, take half a cup of warm, purified water but do not put sugar in it and then just add in the cup about half of lime or lemon. After that, put a couple of slices of fresh pineapple. In order for you to make a lot of juice without using too much effort and strength, you should use a special juicer. Moreover, you may start using some of the lemon essential oil as well. (here you can find it)

So, the right thing to do is to drink this mix of water with lemon and pineapple every morning before having any food on an empty belly. There are some people who have suggested to drink this water an hour before any meal in order to get the maximum results.

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