Juicy Fruit That Treats Everything : 14 Reasons To Eat Figs

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This delicious fruit is used for treating acne and blackheads, for prevention of cancer and heart attacks. It is also a great source of energy. Figs can be consumed fresh as well as dried, but it is more recommendable to eat them fresh.


Figs are loaded with beta-carotene, A, C, E and K vitamins, calcium and other minerals. Below are presented 14 reasons why you should include figs in your everyday diet.

Cancer prevention

According to Japanese scientific proves, benzaldehyde contained in figs extract reduces the risk of tumor development in humans. Also, figs have shown strong anti-carcinogenic properties against prostate cancer. Moreover, figs are effective in the fight against breast cancer during menopause.

Kills viruses

Fresh figs have claiming effect in treating bronchial inflammations. They are rich in water and natural sugars which is very beneficial for recovery from exhaustion and detoxification. Roughly ground figs are used for preparing coffee, which can help fight lung diseases.  Fig milk and juice have powerful antiseptic and disinfection effects.

High blood pressure and stroke prevention

Figs are rich in Omega 3 and Omega6, which are essential for cardiovascular health organs. Also, figs are loaded with potassium which has the ability to regulate the blood pressure.

Remedy against stomach upset

Compote made of figs has laxative properties. Also, figs are used as natural remedy against ulcers and gastritis. Moreover, this fruit has the ability to reduce flatulence in stomach, improves intestine function and eases stomach cramps, destroys intestinal worms and other intestinal parasites. It accelerates intestinal emptying, reduces the need for laxatives and does not cause addiction, intestinal cramps and diarrhea.

Figs reduce cholesterol

Figs reduce the high cholesterol levels thus protecting your heart cardiovascular system.

Help in treating diabetes

Figs are rich in natural sugars, so diabetics should be careful with their consumption. Still, they consume it in normal amounts it can reduce the insulin need in diabetics.

Improves memory

If you consume figs regularly, you can prevent anemia and improve your memory. Therefore, you should consume 4 figs a day.

Helps against hemorrhoids

Regular consumption of figs is as effective as the use anti- hemorrhoid drugs.

They are great for the skin

If you apply baked figs directly on the skin, it can cure inflammations such as ulcers.

Figs treat acne

Being rich in water, mashed figs can effective clean your skin. They can also be used for treating acne and to prevent their occurrence.

Replace dairy products

In case of lactose intolerance, figs can be used as an excellent substitute because they contain high amounts of calcium.

Help when it comes to weight loss

Figs contain more fiber than any other fruit and vegetables. Also, they contain high amount of water which is very beneficial for weight loss.

Maintain bone health

Figs are loaded with calcium, a mineral which is essential for strong and healthy bones. They are particularly useful for children`s development, pregnant women and women in menopause. You can eat it fresh or dried.

Help against insomnia

Tryptophan contained in figs can treat insomnia and sleeping disorders. It also helps against depression and positively affects the nervous system.

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