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Stomach is internal organ and it is located in the area between the small intestine and the esophagus, where major part of the digestion of food occurs.

The acids in our stomach have low pH levels and that is enough to destroy the bacteria that enters our bodies through the food we consume.

Doctors explain that on that way the intestinal tract is protected from potential infections that possibly can cause diarrhea. The stomach is organ that is prone to infections and diseases such as gastritis triggered by a particular inflammation of the mucosa, which furthermore leads to issues like bloating, heartburn, loss of appetite, bleeding and epigastric pain.

Gastritis is triggered by several factors like:

Chronic stress

Unhealthy dietary habits


Excessive consumption of alcohol

Excessive use of NSAID, and other similar medications

Pylori infection

Regardless of the fact that in the pharmacies there are many conventional therapies for gastritis, most of the drugs cause harmful side-effects that make the condition of sufferers diagnosed with this ailment even more severe.

On the other hand, you can try some great natural remedies and relieve the gastritis problems without the risk of potential side-effects.

Natural remedies for gastritis

Rice water

First cook 2 handfuls of rice in a liter of water. Then, strain the water and let it cool.

Drink the rice water in order to reduce heartburn and treat gastritis

Carrot and celery juice

Simply blend 2 carrots, few celery stalks and add some water.

Blend until smooth.

This is the perfect veggie juice for soothing the gastritis and relieving heartburn.

Ginger and pear

Blend the ingredients and enjoy your drink. The mighty antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties of this combo will work great against dangerous bacteria in the stomach.

Apple and chamomile

Peel and slice 1 apple. Add it to a pan and pour in some water and throw in fresh chamomile flowers. You need to boil the mixture and leave it cool at room temperature. Drink the liquid on daily basis.

Parsley water

Blend a liter of water and some parsley. Consume the parsley water every day, and keep it in the fridge.

Source: www.naturalcuresandhomeremedies.com

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