She Puts The Garlic In The Microwave. The Result… This Changes My Daily Life!

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I love to cook, I can stay in the kitchen for hours during the weekends preparing a nice meal. Even during the week I like to cook, even though I don’t make so complicated things.

And I must say that my favorite ingredient is garlic. It works with practically everything and it really gives a good taste to the food.

But peeling the garlic, is there anything more borring than that? I don’t know why the peel is so difficult to take off.

Another annoying thing is of course the garlic smell. Its impossible to get rid of it, even if you wash your hands several times.

Thats why I got so happy when I found this super life hack.

So from now on I don’t have to suffer with the garlic anymore.


You do like this:

1. Put the garlic in the microwave for more or less 20 seconds.
2. Take it out and you will see how easy the peel goes off

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