5 Common Causes of Belly Fat That People Do NOT Know, Do NOT Notice and Never Fix

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A common problem for millions of people around the world who are scratching their heads not knowing how to reduce it is stubborn belly fat . It takes a lot of exercise to eliminate it and diets rarely work. This is a time consuming process that many people can’t afford. You need to identify the problem that caused it in the first place in order to remove belly fat.

Small intestine bacterial overgrowth

People dealing with stubborn belly fat are often overweight and are suffering from digestive problems such as diarrhea, constipation , irritable bowel syndrome,  and bloating. All of these symptoms are most often caused by bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine.

In the intestines, mouth and digestive tract of people are present large colonies of bacteria.  Due to low stomach acid and unhealthy diet, these bacteria steal nutrients from the food you consume which results in low levels of nutrition in the blood.  Even besides a diet this allows the bacteria to grow and can be the reason for you not losing weight.

Poor fatty acids metabolism

It will have a problem eliminating fat  if your body is unable to use these fats as fuel. The process of burning fat can’t be effective if your cells lack nutrients such as carnitine or riboflavin . There are 2 possible ways to identify if you’re suffering from this problem: the first involves consuming healthy fats, while the second involves tests performed by a functional medicine doctor. Avocado, organic coconut oil ,  coconut, grass-fed butter are excellent sources of healthy fats.

Not consuming organic food

Crops are often sprayed with  chemicals and pesticides which often enter our bodies and cause unwanted problems. If you want to get rid of stubborn belly fat as well as toxins and waste material consuming organic food is a must .

Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is definitely a major reason for stubborn belly fat. This includes imbalances in the sex , brain, and adrenal hormones as well as irregular insulin levels.

In the body hormones play a vital role – they are in control of vital metabolic processes as well as the usage of carbs and fat. All hormones interact with each other which is why a single hormonal imbalance is impossible. If you’re suffering from some hormonal imbalance your weight can be affected . In order to reduce your weight and reduce your belly fat this is why you need to identify it .

A diet rich in sugar and carbs

Eating large amounts of sugars and carbs is one of the main reasons of excess belly fat. These foods cause fat storage, insulin spikes and other negative effects which contribute towards the condition. The modern diet is unfortunately full of carbs and sugars, and the sedentary lifestyle we adopted doesn’t help as well.

All of these factors need to be resolved if you want to lose your belly fat and reduce your weight. Try eating foods rich in protein , healthy fats, and organic foods and you will feel the difference soon.

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