Unbelievable New Discovery! This Fruit Destroys Cancer Within Several Weeks!

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Nowadays, millions of people are suffering from the most terrible disease – cancer. Sadly, thousands of people lose their life to this disease and many people that deal with cancer do not have  much hope. Nevertheless, a recent discovery actually is giving hope to many people that are still struggling with cancer. You can read about this discovery everywhere because it has spread all over the internet.

The funny side about this discovery is that is has been discovered by accident by a group of scientists. The results from the clinical research of one plant gave hope to many people all over the world.

The scientists discovered that cancer can be treated with using the drug called EVS-46. This drug is obtained from the tree ‘’Australian blushwood’’, from the seeds of its fruits. However, this tree is rare and it can be found only in Australia.

The scientists get the idea to test this tree because when they fed the animals with it, they immediately spit its seeds. When the results came out, the scientists were shocked.

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