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Have you noticed that the face tends to get much oiler after jogging or riding a bike? As much physically active a person wants to stay, definitely nobody likes the oily skin and the acne on the face.

This issue is quite common and it’s not only among teenagers. It has been found that the environmental and the dietary factors are the key to development of acne in adults and it seems that the dirt, bacteria and pollution in our surroundings simply can’t be avoided.

It would be best to make some dietary changes, avoid refined sugars, and wash the face with a cleanser regularly. But, not all cleaners are the same. Some of them are loaded with chemicals that are harsh and dangerous for the skin.

Some ingredients strip the skin and they deprive it of the natural oils needed for the skin`s protection. For example, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), the ingredient found in lots of skincare products, has been shown to encourage the bacteria mutations, dries the skin, and even weakens the immune system.
There are many products on the market but making the right choice and choosing the right product could be quite difficult. So, it seems that making your own homemade face wash is the best thing you can do about your skin.

The Five DIY face washes showed in this article are simple-to-make, 100% natural, and extremely effective. The ingredients these recipes call for are natural, healthy, and skin-friendly. Check them out!

1.DIY Face Wash Recipes
DIY Foaming Face Wash for All Skin types

Ingredients you need:
– 2/3 cup filtered or distilled water
– 1/3 cup castile soap
– ½ tsp. coconut oil
– 10-15 drops lavender essential oil

Instructions of preparation:

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and then transfer the mixture into some empty container. As simple as that!

2.Face wash for oily or acne prone skin
Ingredients you need:
– ¼ cup apple cider vinegar
– half a cup organic honey
– 10 drops of tea tree oil

Instructions of preparation:

Mix all the ingredients and pour the mixture into some dispenser. To use it, take s bit of it and massage it onto the face. Remove it with some cotton ball prior washing the face.

3. DIY face cleanser for dry skin

Ingredients you need:
– one cup distilled water
– one tbsp. almond oil
–one cup mild castile soap
– 20 drops jasmine fragrance
Instructions of preparation:
Mix well all the ingredients and then transfer the mixture into a dispenser bottle.

4. Face wash gel for dry or oily skin

Ingredients you need:

¼ cup aloe Vera gel
Several drops of essential oil (of your choice)
1-2 teaspoons of almond oil
Instructions of preparation:
Mix all the ingredients in some bowl and then transfer the mixture into a dispenser bottle. Use liquid castile soap in the pace of almond oil in case you have oily skin.

5. Basic face wash

Ingredients you need:
Half a cup liquid castile soap
1-2 tbsp. oil
10 drops of essential oil
Instructions of preparation:
You need to mix all the ingredients in a bowl and then transfer the mixture in some empty dispenser. Use aloe Vera gel in the place of the oils if you have oily skin. To make an exfoliating cleanser, add some coffee grounds into this mixture.

Since the skin is our biggest organ, it definitely deserves proper care and attention.

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