Don’t Throw Away The Pineapple Skin Ever Again – It’s More Beneficial Than The Fruit Itself

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I bet you didn’t know that you can use the pineapple skin to make delicious and medicinal drinks? It has all the same health benefits the fruit has and even in higher concentrations. It fights parasites, water retention, constipation, inflammations and many other conditions. Next time you buy a pineapple don’t throw away the skin, we’ll tell you what to do with it.

The most important thing you have to know when using pineapple skin is that the fruit has to be organic. This goes for every fruit because if it’s not organic the pesticides and chemicals which are used tend to stick on the peel the most.

Let’s take a quick look at the health benefits of pineapple first:

  • Fights intestinal parasites
  • Helps with digestive processes (it contains bromelain an enzyme which boosts digestion)
  • Effective against constipation and hemorrhoids
  • Protects the microflora in the colon
  • It’s great against inflammation (muscle, throat etc.)
  • Has anticarcinogenic properties
  • Boosts weight loss and fights cellulite
  • Pineapple skin is an excellent blood cleanser
  • It’s an excellent diuretic
  • Improves blood circulation

Here are two types of pineapple skin drinks which will enable you to take advantage of all the health benefits it offers. One drink is made of boiled pineapple skin and the other from fermented. They are both delicious, nutritious and extremely healthy which means that you should start consuming it on a daily basis.

Boiled Pineapple drink

This is maybe the easiest recipe you’ll find on the internet. First you need to wash the pineapple and peel its skin. Cut the skin into small pieces and put them in a pot. Pour about 1 liter of water over the skins and boil it over low heat for 15-20 minutes. Remember to keep the pot covered while it boils. Leave it for some 5-10 minutes for the skins to soak. You can sweeten it to taste with honey or stecia and drink it hot or cold, it’s all the same.

Fermented Pineapple Skin Drink

This recipe is a bit more complicated but we still think that you can make it easily. It’s a traditional recipe from Central and South America and can be made as a side dish with meat or fish because it’s great for digestion. It also has probiotic properties because it’s fermented which makes I even better for digestion.


Take one large or two medium in size ripe pineapples. Wash and peel them and cut the skin into small pieces. Put the skins in a glass container with a tight lid and pour 2 liters of water, 500 grams brown sugar, cane sugar or cane syrup in and close the lid tightly. Leave it on room temperature for about 48 hours.

After 48 hours open the container and strain the liquid to remove the skins. Pour in one more liter of water, close it again and leave it for 12 hours. For the last time add about ¾ of water and the drink is ready to be consumed. You could serve it cooled and you can keep it in the fridge or freezer.

It’s important to follow the directions to the letter because if you leave it for longer it will turn into alcohol and vinegar since it’s fermenting. This is just enough time for it to create probiotic microorganisms.  If you like to spice it up you can add some orange or grapefruit skin, a cinnamon stick or a clove in the container.

Important Note: Again we’d like to stress out the importance of buying organic pineapples for these drinks. Organic is always better but for these two drinks if the pineapples are not organic it can be very harmful for you on the long run. It can have a completely opposite effect.


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