No Other Food Contains So Different Mineral Salts Like Fruit Does… Treatment With The Help Of Natural Juices

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Natural juices are an amazing refreshing means. Besides its refreshing effect on our body and spirit, we also have to know that juices can heal.

Before we mention some of the juices and their usage, you should know some things of technical nature. With the preparation of juices you must never use iron dishes, because it gives an irony taste and the juice becomes dark and blurry.

No other food contains so different mineral salts like fruit does. With different fruit medicines we can treat some of the diseases, healthy people become stronger and racily, because fruit juices have an amazing effect on the human organism. During the treatment with fruit you mustn’t take milk, bear, eggs, meat and similar food. You mustn’t drink water when you’ve already drank the juice because in that case the fruit in your stomach goes into a process of fermentation and by that it loses its healing power.

Fruit juices clean your blood, supply you with new, refreshing matter, your organism rejuvenates and strengthens. With some people, fruit juices take away the wish to drink alcoholic beverages.

Iron is rich in potassium, lime, phosphorus and soda acid. That’s why the grapes treatment is especially recommended against nervous problems, hysteria, melancholy, hemorrhoids, liver diseases, kidney stones and against breathing catarrh. It is good to have a treatment during cherries season, because the cherry is as curative as the grapes.

  • What can we heal by strawberry juice?

It heals anemia, jaundice, rheum and has an especially good effect against kidney diseases and kidney stones.
Cranberry juice is good because it fastens the work of the kidneys and treats gout.
Apple juice treats intestinal diseases, rheum, diseases of the bladder, nerves and kidneys.


  • Radish juice

You can get it from black radish (Arabian) with the help of a juicer. You wash the radishes, cut them and put them in a juicer. The filtration takes 80-85 minutes. You can also get juice if you scrub the radishes and squeeze them with a fat press.

This juice treats the gallbladder, liver, kidneys, removes kidney stones from the bladder, makes you want to urinate more, dissolves the mucus. It also helps against whooping cough, asthma, bronchitis and helps the digestion.

  • Nettle juice

Nettle juice is a “blood factory” so it’s good against anemia and it also cleanses the blood well. It treats the gallbladder and stomach mucous membrane, digestion organs, supplies the organism with the necessary minerals, because it contains vitamins A and C, as well as formic acid and silicas. It contains a lot of chlorophyll and iron.

Nettle juice can be obtained by squeezing: you first wash well the leaves of a young nettle. Then you cut them finely and filtrate it with a juicer from 60 to 70 minutes.


  • Birch juice

Birch juice is a favourite means in cleansing of the blood, against constipation, kidney diseases, diarrhea, against sand and uric acid. It treats skin pimples and cleans the skin.

You can obtain birch juice in April, before the tree comes into leaf. You should make a hole (2-5 cm deep) in a young birch tree. You put a glass straw into the hole from which the juice will flow intoa bowl or a can which we will pose under the straw. The collecting from one straw out of one tree lasts from 6 to 14 days. You then heat (pasteurize) the juice and put it in bottles which are firmly shut.


  • Plantain juice

Plantain juice is very healthy in wine. It treats asthma, cleans the lungs and liver, treats water disease if you take it without stopping for 14 days every day on an empty stomach and at night, before you go to bed. If we take plantain juice every morning and every night for about 50 grams, it heals the wounds in your mouth, on the tongue, as well as purulent wounds.


  • Hawthorn juice

It contains the strength necessary to your heart. It is an excellent means against heart diseases and blood bypass (without the danger of exceeding the dosage for tranquilising and treatment of the heart). It is very good for the heart with heavy laborers. It harmonises the attacks with nervousness or irregular pulse.

You can obtain hawthorn juice when you filtrate hawthorn fruit that we have gathered in September or October in a juicer. You fill the juicer up to the top with those fruits and let it filtrate for 50 minutes.You can obtain 2,5-3 liters of juice from 5 kg of fruits. You can sweeten it with sugar for a better taste. You then put it in jars and shut it tightly with parchment.

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