Rejuvenate Your Joints For 20 Years and Get Rid of Every Pain…Our Grandmothers Knew The Best Way How To Treat Each Pain, This One As Well!

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This remedy helps in the treatment of arthritis, osteoarthritis, back pains and everything connected with joints, bones and muscles.

When modern medicine doesn’t help, the best thing to do is turn to folk medicine. If you ask your grandmother or great-grandmother what should you do if your joints hurt, she will probably give you the recipe about the “magical” mixture. People say that that folk remedy rejuvenates your bones for 20 years. So, if you feel some kind of weight in your legs, pain in your joints, if you have back pains or consequences from some old injuries, you don’t need the expensive gels and ointments. Only a pair of simple ingredients will be enough to prepare your own recipe.

1. Recipe:

You need:

  • 300 ml of alcohol (70%, which you can buy in pharmacies)
  • 100 ml of povidone iodine
  • 10 tablets of Analgin (Aspirine or Andol) – 300 mg.

2. Preparation:

Mix the alcohol with the iodine and add the crumbled tablets of Analgin. Stir it well and leave it in a dark place for 21 days. You can use the remedy after that. Use it like coverings or direct massages on the painful spot.

This remedy helps to treat arthritis, osteoarthritis, back pains and everything connected to joints, bones and muscles.

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