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There is a plant which has shown to fight cancer cells in the body 10,000 times potent than the chemo drug called Adriamycin. The treatment which uses graviola restores the power and immune system. On the contrary, chemo exhausts the patient. This has been discovered in secret studies since the 70s. The plant named graviola, or Annona muricata, provides amazing health abilities. It can kill cancer cells without any harmful side effects. Moreover, it can serve people with other malignant diseases.

The plant grows in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, the Caribbean, sub-Saharan Africa, and Southeastern Asia, i.e. thrives in areas of high humidity and relatively warm winter (not below 5oC). It is not that big, but the whole plant is usable, including the leaves, bark, seeds, root, and fruit. People use it for treating asthma, liver issues, heart disease, and arthritis. Its taste is sweet, resembling a combination of strawberries and pineapple.

The plant attracted great attention due to its power to cure cancer. Studies have shown that it can treat different types of tumors and also help in fungal and bacterial infections, treat asthma, stress and nervous disorders, arthritis, and lowers blood pressure.

This is what the plant can do:

  • Strengthens and protects the immune system;
  • Fights deadly infections;
  • Helps with stress and depression;
  • Improves the outlook of life;
  • Returns spiritual strength;
  • Strengthens the body through the course of the treatment;
  • Destroys cancer cells in a natural and safe way, without causing nausea, weight loss, and scalp;
  • Kills cancer cells from 12 different types.

Deceptions about graviola

There are tendencies by the pharmaceutical companies to patent and materialize the plant, but there are obstacles in this actions for a natural ingredient to plant cannot be patented. Moreover, it is not possible to produce a GMO plant that is going to be similar to the original plant since the fruit does not want to replicate.

According to the last notable research done by the Catholic University of South Korea, the plant can kill cancer cells without affecting the healthy cells and keeping intact the reproduction of cells of the stomach and keeps the hair intact, while chemo causes nausea and hair loss.

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