How to remove belly fat : Exercises for weight loss – (Stomach).

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To make your stomach became flat and firm you not need to go to the gym every day. With a few simple exercises you can achieve the desired shape of your abdomen and at home. Please note that in order to achieve results exercises absolutely work three times a week. Also, I do not advise begin exercises for the stomach until after 2-3 hours after eating.

These exercises to lose weight are not as well known as it might seem at first glance. It is important to perform exactly as directed, so you can feel every movement of the abdominal muscles. The deeper beneath the layer of fat, your muscles are, the less time will be able to do the exercises again. Do not be disappointed, eventually everything will go easier. It is important – do not give up.

Exercises for stomach

Calm down on the floor, knees bent and slightly spread.
Press firmly back on the ground. These exercises are very effective for the stomach. Catch palms inner thighs and pushed them away.

Raise your head forward – take the shoulders off the floor, but make sure the spine – from the shoulder on down – remained on the floor. In this position, move your upper body back to 10-15 cm. The movements should be free and slow. Head all the time directed upwards. Do the exercise three times, and rest in the supine position. Repeat.

Lie on the floor in the same position. Lift the legs 10-15 cm above the floor. Lift your head and shoulders, directing perpendicular ceiling elongated legs.

If you can, keep the legs straight without the help of hands. Fully extend your arms in front of you, as if you want to be a few inches longer. Remember that the lower part
back and buttocks firmly lying on the floor.


Again in the same position-lying lift both legs. Include them and pull your knees toward your head and shoulders.

Now put your hands and feet and hold them up as much as long as you can, gently rock the upper body – 15 cm forward and so back. Do 100 times. If you have weak legs – you can bend the knees.

This is a variant of the previous exercise for weight loss for those who find it difficult to keep your feet up, which at first is not uncommon.


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