How To Get A Flat Stomach Without Going To The Gym – Just By Using A Piece Of Thread

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Physical therapists have found a new way to help you maintain a flat and tight stomach.

It turns out that an ordinary thread, tied around the waist, helps one to achieve tight belly without any annoying exercise in the gym.

According to experts, the string constantly reminds youto tighten the muscles of the stomach.

A leading British physiotherapist Sammy Margo claims that the thread tied around the waist, always reminds the personof the necessity of tightening the abdominal muscles.

Here’s what to do:

“Take the thread, tie it in the waist, around the abdominal muscles. Attach it to the waist, so you can feel the exhalation.

The pressure on the waist will constantly remind you of the need to tighten the muscles. You’ll be doing it throughout the day: when walking, standing, sitting, on the working place and at home.

Try not to remove the thread, as long as you can endure. It will provide you with a flat stomach and will improve the posture of your body “- says Sammy.

These exercises are done all the time, which is many times more effective than exercising three times a week.

Sammy claims that his simple method helps people to achieve the desired results with less psychological and physical efforts.

The inner abdominal muscles,are probably the only ones in the human body that cannot be trained with dynamic loads, only static ones.

Constant tension of the abdominal muscles (stomach retraction) is an exercise that leads to a flat stomach.

In those types of exercises belongs the exercise Vacuum in the stomach as well, which makes it possible for a very short time (3-4 weeks) not only to strengthen stomach muscles on the inside, but also to make the waist thinner.

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