Temporary “black henna” tattoos can be painfully permanent

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In some countries of the world, women apply henna on their hands as a part of their wedding celebrations. They also do the same for some festivals. People have been using henna for centuries because it is known to be immense in some amazing health benefits.

In fact, probably most people aren’t aware that henna contains an allergen called PPD which is extremely powerful. This allergen can cause a very powerful allergic reaction when it touches your skin.

A Woman Suffered A Severe Infection After Applying Henna

Several months just before her wedding, this woman wanted to do everything about the customs which included henna on her wedding day. She wasn’t even aware that such side-effects can be caused by a simple application of henna on her skin. This henna application is known as “Party Mehndi Red Cone”. According to the severe injuries this woman obtained because of side-effects of henna, her doctor’s opinion was to amputate her hand and legs!

Is henna really harmful? YES!!!
In this article, we’re presenting you several side-effects from the application of henna.

1. Contact dermatitis
The symptoms this disease causes include: redness, swelling, wheezing, burning, itching etc.

2. Rough hair
This appearance may also make your hair more vulnerable when it dries or even damage your hair shaft!

3. Red eyes
If henna comes into contact with your eyes, they may become watery and red.

4. Bursting of RBCs
Henna causes red blood cells to burst which can cause various health problems.
5. Upset stomach
In case you somehow swallow henna by accident, you’ll definitely have digestive and stomach problems including: vomiting, upset stomach etc.
In case you or someone you know has some of the symptoms, you must visit your doctor and later see a dermatologist as soon as possible! Make sure you don’t apply anything on your skin, creams or oils, until the doctor sees the problem!
Make sure you always apply henna the proper way so that you can avoid any potential side-effect on your hair, scalp or hands. You could end in a very bad health condition! Always be healthy and safe above all!

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