Now Women Can Also Urinate While Standing Thanks to This Invention!!!

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Women often have a problem when they want to urinate in public places. They can’t do that so easily like men do.
Men can urinate behind a tree, car, in a shrub, without having to be exhibited enough. On the other hand, women can’t urinate in these places.

Women also have a problem when they want to urinate in public bathrooms because they’re afraid they might catch an infection, fungi or bacteria. For this reason, some people have launched a project developed under the name of “GoGirl” and it is a huge success!


This is a silicone made funnel that will hold your urine and let you urinate while standing, like men do. You’ll just have to wash it after use and that’s it!

The main goal was to help women and facilitate their urination in public.
Use it anywhere you want to without any problem and you’ll be amazed by it!
It’s an excellent initiative. It is easily available and any woman can use it wherever she wants to! What do you think about it?

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