Consume This Each Night Before Going To Sleep To Flush Toxins From Your Intestines And Liver!

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Garlic was used for centuries because of its potent medical features. It’s rich in vitamin C and A, B-complex, minerals such as copper, manganese, potassium, iron, and phosphorus. At the same time, it’s great source of glycosides, amino acids, and selenium, tellurium, and germanium. It’s one of the ingredients that don’t lose its medical features when being cooked.

Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic has powerful antimicrobial features needed for combating of viruses, fungi, intestinal parasites, bacteria, and yeast. Thanks to its antioxidant characteristics, it can boost the immunity and neutralize the free radicals.

If you eat at least 2 garlic cloves per day, you can treat various health issues, including:

  • Thrombosis – Garlic is an anti-coagulant that can thicken your blood better than aspirin.
  • Prevents cancer- Thanks to its anti-cancer features, it reduces the risk of diverse cancer types, including stomach and colon cancer.
  • Colds: Take 2 garlic cloves in order to accelerate the recovery process
  • Cholesterol: Garlic juice reduces oxidation of the blood cholesterol, thus reducing significantly the risk of many heart diseases.
  • Diabetes: Take at least 1 garlic clove per day to lower the levels of sugar in the blood
  • Fungal infections: To sooth the itch caused by fungal infection, or ear infections, just apply a little bit of garlic juice on the affected area.
  • Toxicity: Thanks to its sulfur compounds, garlic detoxifies the blood from toxins and many others heavy metals.

Consumption Tips

Garlic consumption is not an easy process, so you will need a lot of time to get used to it. But, as soon as you get familiar with its health benefits, you will immediately include it into your diet. When preparing one of your favorite juices, add 1 or 2 garlic cloves in it.

Magical Potion Before Going to Bed


Chop 2 cloves and leave it on air to expose for 5 minutes so it can release it enzyme, alliinase. Collect the chopped garlic cloves in a spoon and swallow it with water. They will go through your entire digestive tract throughout the night, and by so doing, they will kill all harmful bacteria, toxins, viruses, and carcinogens. They will detoxify your liver from heavy metals and lead. Don’t worry, you won’t have bad breath because you don’t chew the garlic. The following morning when you wake up, drink a glass of water!

Note: You need 1 to 2 raw garlic cloves on a daily basis to obtain its health benefits. When using it for cooking, you are allowed to use it a little more.

Avoid consumption of big quantities of garlic, since excessive garlic consumption leads to health problems such as excessive gas, diarrhea, and anemia!


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